Suning restructuring organization said it would take the initiative to attack

opened in 2015, Zhang Jindong let Su Ningyun (002024.SZ) have a sense of urgency.

January 12th, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning changed over the years will be held in the spring after the Convention held in the Spring Festival, held early, issued a strong signal to the market competition. At the same time, continue to force the intention of logistics has been very obvious.

electric road is cruel price fight, now the pattern gradually stabilized, and for an Internet retail listed companies, the impact of the market at the same time to ensure the performance of the satisfaction of shareholders, which is the need to face the problem. Su Ning in 2014 ushered in the transition from the curve to the straight line, the business back to the rapid growth track, in 2015 to take the initiative to impact the market, because time waits for no one, the market is no one." Zhang Jindong said.

re organization structure intent

annual spring deployment will be Suning’s most important work meeting, the group will make arrangements for the work of the year. Especially since 2013, Suning Appliance renamed Su ningyun since, every year there is a big move, this year is no exception.

January 12th, Zhang Jindong announced in the spring of 2015 will be deployed for the first time, the establishment of Suning logistics group and Suning financial group, the ability to accelerate business segment of the two industrial development, independent operation, comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

with organizational restructuring and personnel changes. According to the reporter, Su ningyun Hou Enlong will serve as chief operating officer, responsible for marketing management headquarters and each category department daily management work, and overall operational headquarters and headquarters management bursts.

in fact, as early as February 2014, Suning announced the establishment of an independent logistics company by Hou Enlong, former vice president Su ningyun responsible for. Zhang Jindong will adjust the logistics company will come out again, upgraded to the group, the intention of the logistics force has been obvious. Suning insiders told the "China Times" reporter, was promoted to COO Hou Enlong will remain in charge of logistics group.

data show that since the three quarter of 2014, Suning online sales accounted for more than 30%. Online growth has become the most powerful engine of the group’s growth, will help us quickly seize market share." Zhang Jindong said.

so, even if Suning hand hold enough resources under the line of stores, but to strengthen the logistics sector is an unavoidable reality. This is an important decision from the top-level architecture to open collaborative operations, accelerate the efficiency of decision-making." Su ningyun group president Jin Ming said.

in the face of Internet environment on the impact of traditional management, Jindong throws minimalist management philosophy, "2015 we must adjust the organizational structure of the Internet, to create a flexible, agile and self-organized system, realize the minimalist management."

on Logistics "yinggutou"

The rapid growth of the

online business has made it difficult to keep up with logistics

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