Marketing manager to teach you how to conquer the shop

shop marketing and store marketing has a big difference, many people think that online marketing profit, is a shortcut, start from scratch but this shortcut is not easy, the difficulty is not successful than entity shop, because the shop marketing is affected by a huge factor, that is credit. Because there are a large number of crown class old seller exists, basically no matter what category of goods you run, your head is like a cloud cover, so that you can not see the customer, the customer can not see you. This and the store business is very different, the store management system of regional principle, you can choose to operate on a firm to avoid large range of pressing, and the shop is different, you will run into a mandatory sense is not fair to the buyer’s market, you should participate in the unified competition, which requires we have business in the shop more than business entities considering details and more excellent marketing strategy. These strategies must be sellers of their brains, master of commercial law and rules of commodity marketing, think of others that way, it will not surprise organic, some innocent affixed words of methods: smile, time frame for the default row before and set the name of goods shop name improve the searching accuracy. So, these people should understand at a glance, these are all the people to do things, you think to do, there is no advantage at all.

then I’ll talk about how in such a cruel competition, so that their shop has a place.

a, commodity selection, brand advantage

network of buyers in the market is like a vast sea, all businesses are like islands in the sea, big and small, have been big sellers like a large island, in a very prominent position, a buyer flew into the sea to the island is the first. But we think this island are not be discouraged, as everyone knows, now Maldives, Hawaii, Saipan, small island economic benefits can be non Madagascar, Greenland island than the giant. So, if we are a golden island, even then a small area, the sea will be sparkling eye-catching. That is to say, in the choice of goods, we must try to occupy the brand advantage. A strong brand, is an important prerequisite for participating in the competition, how can you no credit to others, the brand has no advantage, even if the price cannot have the advantage that buyers will not choose you, not to mention the premise of big sellers more than you for the price advantage. This involves the difference between a shop and the store management, shop credit is the total number of sales has been the standard, and the inside of the store, the brand is credit. Because online shopping, after all, buyers can not see the goods of the entity, there is a certain risk, so the buyer in the subconscious will find that many people have bought the product is the quality of the product is more trustworthy. Therefore, we can understand that the high degree of credit shop, just to win the confidence of consumers with the number of sales, in a sense, can not explain the quality of his product has much advantage. > >

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