Double 11 behind the hidden killer poster Jingdong running warmth

annual double 11, the electricity supplier industry is one of the most grand festival. During this period, not only the major brand manufacturers are charging annual sales target, the major electricity supplier platform is showing, especially Jingdong and the two business tycoon Ali, is "Diamond cuts diamond." contest in the double 11 period. In this year, at a distance of "double 11" and the more than and 20 day, the two major electricity supplier platform in brand promotion, users instigation and business areas to attract new tactics, fierce running.


text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

, brand Wars: Ali entertainment atmosphere, the Jingdong warmth meaning behind

recently, Ali, Jingdong’s two major electricity supplier giants have been released a double 11 Shopping Festival warm-up posters, began the first wave of advertising. From the style design and copywriting and convey advertising posters of information, electronic business platform is the two roads, walk along the. Ali released in the Tmall double 11 posters, we can see that its foreign efforts to pass the main is to enjoy shopping and carnival. The Jingdong in the double 11 season, in the country’s major city on the line of large-scale advertising, and advertising Jingdong mainly to ordinary courier delivery of its first person tone to tell, sincere service for customers of the heart, thereby demonstrating its shopping platform of humanity, especially one experience the warmth in the express.


actually, single posters from the message, the 11 two and not outdone, an entertainment oriented, one is to love moving. This is very different from previous years, you know, in the past during the double 11 war, the two sides will rival alluding to a soft spot, the smoke in posters and advertising, and this year it looks more like a silent war.

, however, this does not mean that the "two business tycoon, Peace reigns over the land." in the "double 11" during the contest and did not stop, but began to transfer to the scene more secretive, such as logistics capacity, is the so-called war before the forage. For the electricity supplier industry, logistics and deployment of so-called "food" is the "double 11" period. Jingdong side is the courier for the protagonist of the tender poster advertising, the other side is closely behind the deployment, the double 11 is more like the initiative to hold tightly in their hands.

two: the price war, users compete for concessions, quality and experience become the protagonist

on the other hand, with the domestic Internet environment mature business platform penetration is already quite high, the electricity supplier industry growth has to reach the ceiling, especially in user growth, has been a growth peak, so only the maximum conversion of rival users, in order to ensure that users continue to grow. In terms of the user’s appeal to the transformation, the recent performance of several Jingdong

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