A grassroots webmaster 3 years of experience in the operation of the game site summary

I love to play the game is a personal webmaster, one day a whim, why not do a game site? Not only have interest, and content can be written (I’m a big man, women do website will do it every day while vomiting, money), which began my game website operation way, in general, is still not a satisfying game site, but also accumulated a lot of experience, and to share with many grassroots webmaster.

game site operation failure experience:

When the

in 2010, I made the first game site, Diablo 2 Raiders website, Diablo 2 is not only the classic RPG game in the classic, but also to play the first game, have not forgotten; by dedecms, to find a good template, the site soon built up to each, write a Raiders, also invited several students in playing on the occasional harpoon battle.net write some text, also reproduced some Diablo forum articles, to half a year’s time, there have been more than 1 thousand articles, the search rankings are not wrong, traffic had about 2000 (although Diablo 2 now don’t look at the fire, but even now there are a lot of fans of the dark, and Diablo 2 websites rarely, the similar sites can count fingers, little competition, for Gu Gezhang) Households, after hanging up to $5 a day income. At the end of the year, the website for the record, and later moved to Hongkong after the server, space conversion, traffic plummeted, and this website to pay a lot, but the income by Google alliance will gradually give up the maintenance.

in 2012, made a bunch of various games website in 6.22 and subsequent updates, Lu Xun died, quietly waiting for the arrival of the renewal off station ^0^, many gaming websites together, not reluctantly let my space and domain name fee loss. However, the time and effort to pay, is unthinkable.

this year, and made a three themes of the game website, the IP is 1, you know; the introduction class website, it is very difficult to operate, but I hope this game website operation down, I was a fan, played three beat 567 and Three Kingdoms many of the three games.

game site failure experience summary:

also operates the gaming website for many years, but basically are failure, today the weather is fine, cloudless, summarize the causes of operation failure and sharing game website, you hard grassroots Webmaster:

1, the theme of the game of the topic should be small: each time before the on-line game website, want a good to do only a small problem, can do will bigger, the theme will be scattered, leading to lack of energy, but the content is not good writing. As energy limited personal webmaster, we must focus on a little resources.

2, the domain name space to be reliable: in the domestic website, choose the good.

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