JianJian joint international authoritative testing agency ntertek to build safe dining 020


JianJian and the world’s leading third party authority inspection service Intertek (Group) held in Shanghai, is committed to providing consumers to improve and solve the food safety problems for consumers, safe selection of restaurants, to create a safe food environment.


in recent years, exceed the standard for pesticide residues in vegetables, rice heavy metal exceed the standard, pork containing clenbuterol, poisonous bean sprouts, be too numerous to enumerate a series of food safety issues of fresh aquatic products with malachite green, which can buy food safety concerns, but also where to eat safe food



entered the "Internet plus" era, the rapid development of takeaway O2O, has brought convenience to people’s life, consumers only need simple operation in front of the computer or mobile phone, you can wait for the delicacy door. But the lack of effective supervision of the monitoring platform takeaway business platform, quality uneven in quality has been repeatedly exposed, the existence of black workshop businesses, many users have also occurred in the platform on the takeaway after unwell situation.

A simple

program, do a good promotion, but does not distinguish between business quality, the catering service providers gathered uneven in quality to the platform, can not guarantee food security platform, can not solve the consumer concerns about food safety, is not capable of long-term development.

In view of this bottleneck

O2O platform catering food safety, food safety starting from JianJian, combined with Intertek, the use of resources of professional food safety experts and professional testing laboratory technology, reference to national and international standards, combined with the hot social security issues, for the catering service providers, to establish a complete and scientific food safety standard system -JianJian standard. JianJian platform of catering service provider staff, equipment and environment of health examination, for raw materials, finished products, food dishes and so many notice and notice of non sampling, finally issued by international authoritative third party ITS inspection report, and the detection result through the WeChat platform (WeChat public number: Jianjian) open to consumers consumers can query through the mobile phone, restaurant food whenever and wherever possible the detailed detection process and results. Only reach JianJian accreditation standards and assessment procedures of the catering service providers, in order to become a qualified business JianJian platform, JianJian will be issued by the food safety level identification, and provide the catering service providers make goods "quality safety evaluation" commitment, guarantee the basic rights and interests of consumers of food safety.

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