Wind control into the facade of the tool to pay the company involved in collective online gambling


in the third party payment license key moment to start the application process at the end of June, the Ministry of public security informed the "paradise" of Internet gambling case, these enterprises will undoubtedly give a head-on blow.

after the Ministry of public security, the more CCTV exposure, the domestic third party "paradise" involved in the case of the payment platform nearly ten, in addition to the previously disclosed by the Ministry of public security and fast money company, Beijing Capitel, ctopay, Yi Bao, yunwang, IPS, caifutong, net exchange etc, almost all is currently active in the domestic market of the third party payment company.

"illegal cash flow will become a problem after the third party payment industry regulation, a person admitted to reporters in the payment industry. Third party payment looks like a beautiful wind control system in the enterprise driven by profit driven and imperfect regulatory system is likely to become a facade tool. For example, in the "paradise" in the case, the total amount of five virtual account payment of criminals by money and the establishment of the company is as high as 3 billion 600 million yuan. Despite the fast money the company denied the transaction informed, but its subordinate virtual account of the emergence of non conventional cash flow of about 3000000000 such large, fast money, actually does not carry on the investigation, at least that there are loopholes in the company risk control.

touched the crime involving a number of red line

The people’s Bank of

China last month issued a "non financial institution payment service management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures"), the central bank in the "management measures" clearly stipulates that the main contribution of the applicant party payment agencies within the last 3 years may be due to the use of payment business to carry out criminal activities or for illegal and criminal activities through the payment business such punishment records. Guo Tianyong, director of the China banking research center, Central University of Finance and Economics, commented that the move is enough to allow third party payment companies can only make money in the sun".

was informed by the Ministry of public security in June, music paradise online gambling case, in addition to the fast money, there are more third party payment companies are related to the case and the explosion. The day before the CCTV exposure, the domestic third party payment platform letiantang cases involving nearly ten, in addition to fast money, and Beijing Capitel, ctopay, Yi Bao, yunwang, IPS, caifutong, Huitong, almost all currently active in the domestic market of the third party payment company.

according to a payment industry sources said that in half the sun to pay enterprises in cooperation with businesses in some gambling and pornographic websites in order to avoid the third party payment business review, will register some fake websites, offering some legitimate business, by the method to get the coat with third party companies trust thus, the third party payment companies authenticity, to provide payment services, which resulted in a large number of media in recent years has burst payment enterprise drug-related, jurisprudence, gambling events, serious damage to the image of the industry. The source said that part of the pressure on the company to face the pressure of profit, but also take the initiative to such illegal capital flows to open one eye closed one eye attitude.


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