3G outbreak will occur in 2011

today we have entered the era of 3G, for the arrival of the 3G era, we are very excited, have great expectations, hoping that 3G will bring more market opportunities for us to bring business promotion, development market. Whether telecom operators, manufacturers, terminal manufacturers or service providers, are hoping to get a return in the field of 3G. At the beginning of this year issued a 3G license, now 9 months, network terminal, there are still big problems, if the business is very few, so many people are very anxious, but also some people for 3G again out of the pessimistic argument. In fact, in order to observe my analysis, we need not despair, can not be blindly optimistic, not anxious, the development of today’s 3G is very normal.

a lot of people to understand 3G, is today a licence, tomorrow is the 3G era, in the media again torture the increase in the number of users, revenue pressures, operators will push the problem to the terminal, terminal manufacturers hope that the market is more clear, there is no market in the terminal and the network support next, may not have good results, this creates a vicious circle. In fact, I think it is a normal thing that the surface is heavy and slow, it is a period that we must go through.

we all know the real 3G to achieve development and prosperity, not the issuance of 3G licenses, of course, a licence is an important start, it provides legal recognition for the 3G start, but there is no use of the licence. In order to realize the development of 3G, the following five problems need to be solved, such as the construction and perfection of the network, the rich and standard terminal, the perfect business management system, the formation of the business development industry chain and the cultivation of consumption habits. These five problems are indispensable. In order to solve these problems, we need confidence, mechanism, technology and time.

based network not everything is empty, 3G network construction is a very complex process, we all know that the first generation of mobile communication network from 1987 to 1995, has yet to achieve nationwide coverage. The second generation mobile communication network for 5 years, there are still some problems, 3G network construction is technically mature, but there are still many problems, it needs large-scale indoor coverage, the network is completed, at least two years, although we can carry out related business in a big city, but a perfect network to be, or take a time.


terminal is also a complicated problem, although the issuance of 3G licenses, have commercial test, but from the terminal to the commercial trial, to the commercial, large-scale commercial, there are many problems to be solved, is not so easy to imagine, is not only technical, business is also a problem, can not be a large-scale terminal manufacturers in short time, but the market but no return. Mobile phone manufacturers is determined to invest in a large scale, it is from the research and development, production to the market is also a certain time.

The organization of

services is a big problem

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