New York Times Tmall is the logistics industry feat, but counterfeiting is rampant

cold day in April, a group of fishermen in New Zealand South Pacific waters fishing 50 thousand large oysters. Once salvaged, the animals that grow in the sea water will be transported to the processing plant, four boxes packed, sealed in a refrigerated container. The container will be affixed with a bright label, and then boarded the plane to china. In the next three days, these oysters across thousands of miles, arrived in the city, 67 China. There, a delivery army will be still alive, they are sent to thousands of consumers through Tmall submitted orders.

logistics feat

Alibaba is also promoting other fresh products, including Chilean blueberries, tulips in Holland, as well as more than 1 million U.S. dollars worth of 50 tons of Alaska seafood. With China’s growing demand for imported products, Alibaba said in a promotional film, through a series of promotional activities jointly with foreign trade agencies, Tmall is building its own fresh food platform.

will be sent to more than 30 thousand oysters from the bottom of the consumer’s doorstep is a feat of the logistics industry. But it’s not just supply chain management.

"many consumers don’t trust what they can buy in China," says Forest of the company, Willis. "If you can buy some certified imported products, you can increase the confidence of consumers."

for Alibaba, the goal is to make China’s growing middle class, access to global e-commerce brings instant gratification. Alibaba to fulfil the promise, will help determine the ultimate value of the company, and the degree to which it can help to seek growth in global retailers and small businesses, to open a huge market Chinese.

China’s middle class, the annual income of between $9000 to $34 thousand, will increase dramatically in the next 10 years. McKinsey (&), a recent report said that by 2022, China’s more than 75% of urban consumers will enter the ranks of the middle class. "The Chinese middle class will continue to grow rapidly in the next ten years," the report said. The middle class means that there will be more sophisticated, more experienced shoppers, they have the ability also willing to spend more money to buy high-quality goods, free shopping and not limited to basic needs, these people will soon become the main force of the consumer."

Alibaba is working very hard to attract more high-end consumers, "Forest’s (Forrester Research) analyst Willis (Kelland Willis and ·) said.


‘s Alibaba, the equivalent of eBay, Taobao offers millions of items, but many of them are rather suspicious. These two sites together account for 80% of China’s e-commerce market. These scale >

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