Pig O2O system distribution module is about to line!

distribution function is about


pig CMS life through the O2O system is another feature on the line, for the fast food takeaway distribution function has been freshly baked. For the O2O system users are integrated into the general direction of the line and then add brick Tim watts.

new distribution function not only to provide a sound distribution system, but also to support all businesses out of service. Businesses can use their own distribution personnel, you can also use the platform to provide distribution personnel. And the use of the current popular grab single model to meet the user’s high quality requirements for distribution orders. The following is a brief introduction to ~

distribution staff optional, platform to provide support


business background can be added to manage their own distribution staff, if the lack of distribution because of the lack of business due to the distribution, the platform is to provide platform delivery personnel. Platform to support the distribution staff, the ability to integrate more delivery capacity of businesses, providing quality delivery service support to help businesses improve takeaway marketing.

grab a single work system, grab a single idea


the most popular grab single mode, similar to drops taxi operation process. Distribution staff will receive a single delivery message within the distribution range, according to the service time and place to grab a single choice, grab the more the higher the income.

The number of distribution

background can check the delivery member, platform for integrated management of staff distribution quality, not only promote the distribution efficiency of the work, it can ensure the quality of every single distribution, improve the platform and business reputation.

order tracking, status real-time update

The whole process includes: "

distribution – distribution – grab a single pick up finish, each completed step, delivery staff immediately update order status on the platform. Merchants and fans can view the order of the state of the phone in real time, to grasp the latest order dynamics.


distribution function on the line, will be on the pig CMS O2O user merchants fast shop to open a line of convergence under the smooth road. More platform to integrate more businesses to provide the best support program.

is currently the technology sector is doing the final debugging, the distribution function in two weeks after you upgrade, you can go ahead and contact the delivery staff businesses Oh ~ if you have questions for the distribution function is easy to operate, can contact our customer service MM, they will give you ~

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