The lack of new players in the 618 years of big promotion, these veterans slowly withered

was a starry night exam, some resign hometown, in 618 of the electricity supplier on the stage, is not always the lack of new game player figure, and those without death veterans, has faded.


The annual

China to electricity supplier industry has two important battles, are dominated by Tmall and eleven Jingdong led the 618, the two domestic electricity supplier giants hand to create the shopping festival every year will become the best stage for major business platform competition and exhibition.

play a leading role on the stage of this year in 618 of the cross-border electricity supplier, multi platform appliance manufacturers including Tmall international Jingdong, global procurement, outsourcing, Su Ninghai, ocean terminal, honey bud baby, with "cross-border" name reached the battlefield.

behind the lively is cool thinking, the same fiery rural electricity supplier in the first half of the 618 major promotion is rarely mentioned, does this mean that this area is still under construction?

cross-border protagonist

The first batch of

618 concentration to participate in the new game player is actually the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, millet, Meizu, during 618, our LETV have cut prices and play the promotional card.

but unlike these cross-border electricity supplier formally occupy a bit by bit, center stage in the year of 618. The large business platform needless to say: Jingdong launched the "global direct supply", Tmall launched the "import general mobilization", Su Ninghai purchased the linkage of the more than and 40 global brand, Gome online through the introduction of foreign brand wines overseas mining.

some of the vertical cross-border business is more of the 618 Tencent said technology to look at fiercely as a tiger does, and will give years to promote the "billion" level for maternal category subsidies. Ocean terminal side said it will launch "the whole category of cross-border price war", and said that it has been half a year in advance ready for the "616 goods Festival", in order to meet the needs of domestic consumers to purchase a large number of foreign goods. And other cross-border electricity providers choose to focus on mother and child, beauty and other vertical areas of the company is different, the foreign terminal to expand the price war related to the daily and more overseas shopping category.

insiders of the Tencent said: "in the future, business platform will introduce more international brands to stimulate consumer desire to buy, the cross-border electricity supplier will play a more important role in the electricity supplier making Festival activities."

some of the comments is straightforward: "this year’s electricity supplier war less’ gunpowder ‘, some of the more" water "flavor."

no rural electricity supplier

Compared to

and cross-border electricity lively, rural electricity supplier is "The Dawns Here are quiet".

2014 is the electricity supplier industry called "rural electricity supplier first year, the Jingdong official said:" micro-blog can go abroad, but also to the countryside; tall on it got into the New York Times Square, down to Earth continues to spread over the rural red brick wall." And with two photos: one

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