Tmall international will start Taobao C store ushered in the era of cross-border electricity supplie

March 18th news, informed sources broke the news that Tmall international in the first half of this year to open the door to the Taobao store to carry out cross-border electricity supplier distribution. By then, Tmall supply, Taobao shop is responsible for sales, goods by Tmall international flagship store on behalf of A.


Tmall and Taobao Ali has been the right hand, right hand, and the Tencent Bo this time, Ali’s right hand will unite together to hold up one day.

domestic and cross-border distribution difference between

informed sources said that Tmall Taobao international distribution, with Tmall domestic businesses Taobao distribution difference. So what’s the difference between the two people pointed out that Taobao is currently mostly C stores, and C stores are not able to be filed by the customs, so they can not expand to overseas markets.

because normally, domestic businesses Taobao distribution is divided into two kinds, one is the distribution need Yahuo, two is not required by the supplier of goods, goods directly to consumers to sell two, while Tmall international distribution only take the distribution pattern.

"therefore, Tmall international distribution, Taobao stores can not hoard goods, when consumers in the Taobao store orders after the declaration by Tmall international business to customs, CIQ, and then by the service provider for the delivery." The insider said.


Tmall international why this piece of


public information, until the end of 2015, Tmall international introduced 53 countries and regions in the world’s 5400 overseas brands. But although the scale of the business, the flow does not seem to have such a large share, if each shop has such a flow, Tmall is also a difficult thing.

at this time, Tmall international will see his brother – Taobao. Refer to the Alexa data, we can understand that the same is the average daily IP visits over the past three months, Tmall international is 1 million 310 thousand, while Taobao is more than 170 million. Such a large flow difference, for Tmall international, is very attractive.


Tmall international sellers have been on the Taobao department have expectations. Brand side and not only concerned about how much sales Tmall flagship store can do, but to look at the entire Amoy department to help its distribution can bring the overall number of sales." Tmall international general manager Liu Peng in the 2016 commercial service eco summit this month at the beginning of the month held on Ali had clearly said. He also revealed that Tmall will be based on the distribution of Amoy department stores do.

and Taobao customers, in fact, there is a demand for Tmall’s supply.

a businessman said: "a lot of Taobao shop itself is in fact a good quality, but also accumulated a lot of quality customer resources, these customers are also the urgent need for high-quality goods overseas,"

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