n April the electricity supplier war breakout and Jingdong Suning Gome to suppress Dangdang

April electric war has ignited, Suning, Gome Dangdang joint siege Jingdong mall, Jingdong has been trapped. Suning Gome Dangdang electricity supplier price war is the main purpose of the sniper Jingdong IPO, followed by the essence of the purpose is to develop their own electronic business platform. Jingdong’s momentum has been temporarily suppressed, the silence of the Jingdong in the countermeasure of brewing breakthroughs, while Suning Gome Dangdang will chase, no chance to Jingdong. This time Tmall theatre quietly in the quiet, first round of intense electric war Beijing attack target is Jingdong. (text / Wang Liyang)

Jingdong breakout articles:

1.B2C giant Jingdong April opener silence to avoid edge

in the United States in April when the alliance with suning.com have raised the banner of the price war, aimed at Jingdong, seems to be an intense electricity supplier price war is about to begin, but in a competitor’s provocation, Jingdong choose silence. The two Jingdong spent heavily in warehousing, logistics and other vertical layout of the electricity supplier, but also continue to expand in the horizontal electricity supplier category, which makes the rounds of financing Jingdong in the past almost, Jingdong have been unable to withstand the April electricity supplier price war.

Jingdong chose a brief April silence, avoiding the first round impact of competitors is a reasonable market strategy. Done in one vigorous effort and then decline, three, dried up, the first round of competition is the most violent impact on the momentum, the Jingdong against the odds, to avoid the edge is the best choice.

2 Jingdong vigorously promotion to avoid direct competition between

although Jingdong is not positive against Suning Gome Dangdang price war, but in the opinion of the Jingdong can not lose the momentum, so the difference between Jingdong to choose to avoid the United States to promote the sale price war. Jingdong’s strategy is in April 18th to April 24th in the open platform of the designated retail consumer will have the opportunity to win the highest 5000 yuan travel vouchers, bonuses totaling more than 5 million yuan. 5 million for the first round of the electricity supplier price war is drizzling, and lottery activities are not welcomed by consumers, Jingdong this event is more of the United States and the United States to fight back suning. Although the Jingdong responded neither painful nor itching has certain effect in the public opinion, however, the Jingdong say "I don’t play in April electricity supplier price war with you, but I also have Jingdong April promotional activities, promotional activities of Jingdong this form of propaganda than practical significance.

suning.com, beauty as the alliance in April at the same time to the Jingdong launched a price war, but the Jingdong do not fight. This formed the alliance between suning.com and the United States when the price war, so Jingdong to avoid electricity supplier in April the first game is a wise decision, let suning.com and the United States as the alliance between Jingdong to avoid battle, enjoying the benefit first.

3 Jingdong hunters group purchase Suning Gome Dangdang to follow

some time ago Jingdong has expressed strong interest in group buying business, Jingdong has said on its own platform to push buy business, while not rule out the acquisition platform. These two days of group buying, >

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