Alipay free transfer media said Ma had to shut down tolls



free transfers shut down the media said Ma shot for tolls

recently, Alipay announced that from December 3, 2013 onwards, Alipay users to use Alipay account transfer will no longer enjoy free transfer amount on the PC side, and in the mobile phone Alipay wallet, continue to maintain the existing free transfer amount. The move clearly shows that in order to catch up with the rapid development of mobile Internet boom, a way to follow Ma PC end users of Alipay in support of his interests, hopes to PC end users together to mobile phone, in order to compete for the mobile Internet and the Tencent.

From the perspective of the interests of the

River, Ma move anyway, no ground for blame, Alipay account transfers between PC in the end using the free transfer amount of this kind of measure is to attract buyers and sellers Ma, Ma by the common people love to pick up small cheap psychology, let Alipay on the third party payment the leader of the throne. This year’s "double eleven" group, Alibaba day sales exceeded 35 billion yuan in the fact that the people have to succumb to the charm of the electricity supplier, but also makes ma have no more free energy transfer amount. In other words, the end of the PC accumulated a solid user base allows Ma to collect tolls tolls.

as to why the mobile phone users still enjoy a free transfer amount, it is because the user is not enough to pay online shopping through mobile phones. Data show that this year during the double eleven, using a mobile phone Alipay amount of transfer only accounted for 20% of the total turnover, compared to last year, this data is a huge breakthrough, but Ma expectations may have gaps, so Alipay wallet in the mobile phone, the user can still enjoy a free transfer amount of cake. Maybe when the mobile phone users to Alipay now PC end user scale, the free transfer of cheese also to the end of time.

from the perspective of the development of the domestic electricity supplier, the beginning of its development are under the banner of free, cheap banner, in order to attract the user’s attention, but also the industry dubbed the eyeball economy". When the development of the electricity supplier to a certain scale, "free" cheese less, "cheap" banner increasingly thin, attractive to users is The sun sinks in the west. Of course, the domestic electricity suppliers are not like this, such as the 360 industry is a wonderful way to hold high the "free" banner to win customers, while 360 of the "free" cheese touched many industry heavyweights, but insisted that the 360 laugh today.

The end of the Alipay

free transfer time is how much impact on Alipay, it is impossible to predict. As for Alipay, the biggest enemy of Tencent is Ma Alipay arena pose a huge threat, after all, WeChat is free. Today, the rapid growth of WeChat users, making the traditional meaning of WeChat circle of friends is to business circle evolution, >

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