Cross-border electricity supplier gale mouth cross-border electricity supplier depth interpretation

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BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) Yang Luqian.

2014 was a lot of people in the industry known as the first year of cross-border import electricity supplier. This year, the traditional retailers, domestic and international electricity supplier giants, start-up companies, logistics service providers, supply chain distributors have entered the board, staking. And then, the situation of cross-border electricity supplier imports, how the future will evolve from the macro environment, the existing model, the advantages and disadvantages of the industrial chain and investment trends and other aspects of the analysis, the following observations:

a macro environment interpretation

1 dividend policy window period

2014 to 2015, the policy level has been in the release of cross-border trade positive. In July 2014, the General Administration of Customs "on cross-border e-commerce trade entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" and "on the way to code additional customs supervision notice", is the industry known as the "56" and "57" the successive introduction, from the policy level to recognize the cross-border e-commerce, also at the same time recognized the passage of bonded mode, it was considered a clear regulatory framework for cross-border electricity; the "6+1" of a city open to cross-border pilot cross-border electricity supplier tax preferential policy, namely the purchase of overseas goods through cross-border electricity supplier channels only need to pay parcel tax, from the general import trade "tariff + VAT + consumption tax"; a lower import tariffs, the pilot tax reform and recovery of additional ports duty-free shops in the April 28, 2015 executive meeting of the State Council Related policies, indicating the government’s determination to promote domestic consumption back. These are obvious policy dividend signal. Even cross-border electricity supplier tax credit window in the future will gradually shut down, the general trade tax rate may be flat down, but the current situation can not be blocked.

2 user needs huge potential

1) the rapid growth of the size of the transaction volume: according to the General Administration of customs and the China electricity supplier research center statistics, in 2014 the sea Amoy crowd of 18 million, turnover size of 140 billion, from billions of billions of dollars into the market. It is expected that in 2018, the market size will reach one trillion level;

2) consumer demand and consumer attitudes upgrade: China’s middle class electricity supplier users currently >

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