Liu Qiangdong former girlfriend Gong Xiaojing confirmed to the East as a consultant of public affair

[TechWeb] August 7th Evening News reported today, there are people from the media in the circle of friends issued a document called the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Gong Xiaojing has confirmed his ex girlfriend back to Jingdong, Jingdong group vice president of strategic position. Today, at a financial conference, the outflow of Gong Xiaojing on behalf of Jingdong to participate in a financial conference table signed photos.


today evening the BOE for the media confirmed, "Ms Gong Xiaojing from the original unit after the departure, currently serves as an advisor to the public affairs group strategy of Jingdong."

according to media reports previously reported that Gong Xiaojing is the first girlfriend and partner of Liu Qiangdong. 1998, Gong Xiaojing and her partner in the venture, mainly in Zhongguancun sales of software, in 2003 two people broke up. Then Gong Xiaojing in politics, according to public information, Gong Xiaojing worked in the authority of the State Council, the office of the housing system reform policy research department deputy level cadres (not the deputy director, deputy director of the treatment is to enjoy the deputy researcher), according to the latest information show that in January 2014, Gong Xiaojing is the director of integrated business department.

Liu Qiangdong graduated from the University began to work hard in Zhongguancun, and later founded Jingdong, it is reported that Jingdong mall, Beijing word that is taken from the East, the word is taken from the Liu Qiangdong, the word is from the beginning of the year in the world. (Wang Kaka)

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