As the major ecological network network conference gathered on life will be unveiled

Only the last two days of the remaining distance

music as its important sub ecological network network conference in September 7th, September 5th morning at about 10, the official network network micro-blog released countdown preheating poster second days, this time the theme is marked with the network network stock code 838890 football, and suggests that associated with the music as sports.

have to say, the network network tempt everyone’s appetite, a series of related music as the major ecological core business countdown poster some elusive. According to people close to the network network broke the news, as the major ecological executives will next meet, launched a "life of infinite possibility" and probe into the network network, planning an ecological event counter. The dirt will upgrade the conference site in September 7th focused detonated network network listed and live music strategy.

("on the life")


sources, a vice president of music as holding strategy Lectra mu · Abulimit, LETV sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong, flowers film director Zheng Xiaolong, the car is easy to President Peng Gang, Feng Xing, President of music as mobile film music as CEO Zhao, LETV ecological O2O President Zhang Zhiwei, Tan Shu and other music as eco marketing executives will attend the collective music.

Madden is more, insiders said LETV founder Jia Yueting or will be rushed to the conference site. This extremely rare music executives gathered, what medicine and music network network how to sell


external speculation that this time LETV planned or intended to boost the depth of anti network network into trillion consumer market wider. At the same time, with the help of the ecological network network to break the cross-border music in the field of TMT boundary, achieve a more long-term layout.

it is understood that the music and network network has been concerned about the consumer market potential. In early 2014, network network had tried the layout of ecological agriculture, and try to test the operation of crabs and other products.

now, the concept of living consumer ecology becomes increasingly realistic. Last week, network network has just officially listed on the new board, to obtain capital strong momentum. At the same time, as LETV second landed in the capital market subsidiaries, for each sub network network and anti collusion, transnational ecological ecological life blueprint, and create an independent development space to display their fists.

network network 907 conference in the end will release what ecological ideas? Or will the final answer on the 907 conference site can be read.

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