Amazon cut flash purchase cross-border electricity supplier three carriages in order to live togethe

Abstract: Amazon flash purchase of the product is not a short time promotion or spike, but will choose the most popular consumer goods as explosive, through the free trade zone or free shipping area!


(since the media from the media public number: laohushuokeji or old nonsense Technology)

flash purchase (or sale, panic buying) refers to the original limited discount period of sale of brand goods. It is with in the clothing category purchase flash mode, has become the field of Internet Yiqijuechen, worth billions of dollars at first, a domestic Internet giant; in just 4 years, the successful listing of the flash sales model also play a huge energy. Thus, in the past one or two years, including Dangdang, Suning, the major electricity supplier players have to take the road to flash purchase.

, however, for now, Amazon plays a new flash mode.

in August 13th, Amazon Chinese ( announced in Guangzhou, officially released overseas purchase · flash purchase "(, and these goods are from overseas direct mining and from the bonded area or FTA direct delivery, since then, the global electricity supplier giant complete import overseas strategic layout.

the reason that Amazon flash purchase is a new model, because the product is not a short time Amazon flash purchase promotional or seckill, but will choose the most popular consumer goods as the explosion models, through the bonded area or FTA direct delivery, an average of 3 days of arrival, not only time and speed is guaranteed, but the price is very competitive.

1, prepared the two rounds of ammunition!

‘s Amazon Chinese starting flash purchase, prepared the two bullets to pry open the market.

first hair, that is, logistics, second hair, vertical segmentation, a unique category of cross-border hot selling. This is the difference of the road to go amazon. After all, if the previous and take a different path, the odds will be much larger.

The cross-border electricity supplier

Amazon’s first on-line flash purchase goods nearly 70, mainly overseas original personal nutrition and infant formula milk powder two categories, covering the GNC (GNC), natural treasure (Nature’s Bounty), Mead Johnson (Mead Johnson). Amazon is selected from the overseas purchase shops in the most popular and best selling commodities as explosive, affordable, and Amazon will the goods from the bonded FTA or direct delivery, realize the logistics distribution with no differences between the local shopping, an average of 3 days can be served buyers.

at the same time, the entire cross-border flash shopping experience began to fully localized, including a variety of convenient localized payment, local customer service and local return policy.

Ge Daoyuan, President of Amazon China, it means that Amazon’s cross-border electricity supplier strategy in China from 1

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