Electricity supplier led the development of the new era of the brand run from the micro providers to

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industry by the impact of the Internet, real sales ratio continued to decline, the traditional Internet business enterprise difficult; because of the popularity of mobile networks, the change in consumer habits is under tremendous impact, PC client traffic continues to decline. Traditional industries and electricity supplier industry is entering the bottleneck period, how can we break out of the tide of the times to follow the rapid development of the mobile terminal, is the most effective way to solve the problem.

mobile terminal sales, in addition to the common mobile phone Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1 and other mobile phone applications APP, the widest range, the highest degree of activity is undoubtedly micro business. With the arrival of the first year of micro business, more and more enterprises and individuals and organizations have started in the micro business, hope to be able to grasp the first derivative of the mobile terminal brings opportunities to escape.


micro business prosperous development, from WeChat, and WeChat marketing costs low, coupled with the traditional electricity supplier (PC side) of the dividend is nearing completion, many businesses are willing to try new sales channels, and micro business to flourish. Many businesses are taking advantage of micro business opportunities, has become a micro business giant. In the face of the baby blue micro business, a large number of maternal and child operating platform, maternal and child brands began to plan to seize the micro market. Recently, the maternal and child industry giant Pro run brand, with a new research and development products announced stationed micro.

lubicating the earliest to go the traditional store channel, in 2010 2014 began to enter the electricity business, through traditional channels and electricity supplier channels, all the layout of O2O strategy; 2015 lubicating stationed in micro market, the traditional Internet business entities, and mobile providers, a comprehensive combination of the three, to create a new O2O mode, all aspects of the comprehensive advantages, in full swing, micro business sales platform to build the strongest potential.

Pro run brand R & D and production of skin care products for pregnant women, pregnant women, infant care products, toiletries, widely acclaimed, has a large number of loyal users, for many years to occupy the industry sales charts, which lasted nearly ten years of development has become a new development of the original mother become giant. Today, the overall strategy to upgrade the pro run, based on research and development of pregnant women, while the product, the eyes will be cast for more women, developed the first run without adding sanitary napkins for women to use menstrual. The sanitary napkin lubicating, the use of foreign imports of raw materials, Tencel cotton as the main raw material, do not add any harmful ingredients, soft and comfortable, leakproof fit.

in the wave of the times, if not, will be submerged. Maternal and child brands face the change of the environment, competition, if you can not choose a new path to break, will be eliminated by the times. Lubicating brands to enter the micro business will once again how innovative, fun wave era, let us wait and see.

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