earnings nternet financial information on implicit 10

news August 20th, the day before, has always been low-key held a media oriented earnings conference in Beijing. chief financial officer Yang Donghao, vice president of public relations and brand Feng Jia Lu revealed 10 key information for the future development of Billion state power network to be combed.

step by step self distribution system

at the press conference, CFO Yang Donghao revealed that will gradually self distribution system. will share with the company on the ground, holding, will start self distribution system. This can improve the quality of service, while orders to reach a certain size, self distribution system can also reduce costs.’s current sales scale has been able to support the national distribution network."

it is understood that, at present,’s logistics based on the trunk + landing + + self warehouse mode.

apply for payment of license

is reported that has set up a payment team, is currently applying to pay the license. Yang Donghao believes that this can help better ecosystem.


on the Internet financial

is reported that in Shanghai and Guangzhou, respectively, made a small loan license. Yang Donghao pointed out: in the financial aspects of a lot of effort.’s financial services, first served in the more than 4 thousand suppliers, when they have financial difficulties to support them. Their healthy development is very beneficial to our ecosystem."


upgrade in handling poop market share

Yang Donghao said, the market will gradually China Weihuo processing integration, but in which the share is not large. But in the next period of time, with the rapid growth of the scale, in the Weihuo disposal market share will rise rapidly. "Our voice will rise, the brand will also enhance the bargaining power."


focus on sale business

Yang Donghao told the media that will focus on sale market, and continue to do deep, and not to do business and related matters. "If took a piece of land in Shunyi that day, it would be a very big risk signal."


emphasizes women electricity supplier attribute

According to Feng Jialu

of brand and vice president of public relations, had organized "spoiled Festival" to release an important signal that is a business woman. "We hope not only to satisfy consumers in the product, but also to provide a sense of identity. The "spoiled Festival" to provide clothing, cosmetics, baby and home categories of high-quality goods for women."

, a new upgrade

at the press conference, we ask, why requires businesses to continue to launch new products? Yang Donghao said, as a specialize sale site, the key is for the user.

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