1 shop chairman Yu Gang won the China electricity supplier innovation leader award

April 12, 2015, at the second China (Yiwu) world e-commerce conference, the organizing committee to the chairman Yu Gang, chairman of the No. 1 awarded the China electricity supplier innovation leadership award". It is understood that this conference organized by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government hosted Electronic Commerce Committee, China service trade association Chinese e-commerce industry association and the Yiwu Municipal People’s government, the theme of "poly world electricity, even the global market", aimed at strengthening national exchanges between enterprises, enhance the understanding between the business enterprise, promote electricity supplier enterprise orderly competition, strengthen international cooperation and win-win cooperation mechanism, establish a fair and impartial, to reach a consensus on the development of the global electricity supplier.

at the meeting, just to do the theme of mobile Internet and big data era of e-commerce speech, the following is the text of the speech:

we are very fortunate to live in a great era, an era of the Internet, especially mobile Internet era, an era of big data. In this era, people’s way of life is being changed, and innovative business models are emerging. But as a business, we should feel fortunate that we are in the era of beach goers, the facilitator, we are not just a traveler, a witness.

China’s e-commerce has been more comprehensive than the United States, whether it is from the total online sales, or online sales accounted for the proportion of retail in the whole society, or growth. What is more frightening? China’s online shopping population has exceeded the U.S. population, but the development of space is still huge. U.S. online shopping penetration of more than 75%, while China’s online shopping penetration of just over 50%, great potential.

in this process, the development of mobile commerce is blowout, especially from the beginning of 2011. The next few years will continue to develop rapidly. Over the past few years, the actual development of the proportion of mobile sales per year are often more than expected. Shop No. 1 in 2011 began to promote mobile shopping, mobile sales accounted for only one percent points a year. Second years to reach a few points in the past few years, the third year to the end of fifteen percent, nearly fourth years of nearly forty percent, the number of years of six percent. What is our goal this year? More than sixty percent. That is to say, mobile commerce will soon become the main battlefield of all electricity providers. Rather than the future, today, 2015 is the watershed.

e-commerce has some advantages, first of all it is not subject to geographical restrictions, a network covering the country and the world. Second, it is not limited by time, it can 7× 24 hours service. Third, it can have unlimited shelves, increase the merchandise just increase the server. There is a big data. Big data allows us to learn more about customers, precision marketing, personalized service. The mobile commerce in these advantages on the basis of a lot of new advantages.

I remember when we first started building 1, what is our mission? It is the use of innovative business models and advanced technology platform, so that the majority of customers

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