Fruit for fresh electricity supplier profit model is announced closure

each reporter Xiao Le

August 1st, fresh electricity supplier to help people eat fruit on its WeChat public number officially announced the closure of the fresh industry is brutal, O2O subsidy war, low price competition…… Perhaps we do not work hard, can not be a step ahead of efficiency, but also underestimated the difficulty of the operation of the fresh industry." Fruit food help said that over the past two years, try a variety of ways, yet to achieve profitability, had to choose to suspend business.

fruit to help the co-founder Zhang Chao in an interview with the daily economic news reporter, said, did not find to be able to make a healthy business model is to help choose the most important reason for the closure of food and drink.

in fact, following the first half of this year, fresh electricity supplier delicious 77 after the collapse, a succession of fresh electricity supplier companies frustrated. According to media reports, love fresh bee trapped in April from the storm, and the payment of arrears suppliers. A few days ago, the young monarch dish is traced to the investor bounced, capital chain tight.

well-known business analyst Li Chengdong to the "daily economic news" reporter said that at present the fresh electricity supplier who do will lose money, no money, plus the early loss too fast, there will be a natural platform off.

fresh electricity supplier a series of problems


July 26th in the number of public promotion of jujube, send coupons, August 1st will be announced three days before the official business, the electricity supplier of fresh fruit to help out a little bit of a sudden. Fruit and food help co-founder Zhang Chao to the daily economic news reporter, said, did not find to be able to expand the healthy business model, is the fruit of food to help choose the most important reason for the closure.

fruit food help was founded in 2014, has been through a one yuan to eat fruit activities to open up the market. Fruit food to help, said the peak, the number of public users reached 110 thousand, WeChat, APP and online store services Shenzhen CBD and hundreds of thousands of users.

fruit to help cover the main area of Shenzhen CBD. Zhang Chao said that in the CBD can be made to go through, but too difficult to go into the community. Compared with the traditional model, fresh electricity supplier is not necessarily an increase in efficiency. Fresh electricity supplier and the traditional purchasing model is consistent in the backend link, to build the supply chain, storage, but fresh electricity is also more of a piece of delivery to door cost, this cost is a problem that users can not accept. There is no way to pull down the cost".

in fruit help announced the closure of the previous day, semi clean vegetables electricity supplier the young monarch dish traced overdue wages and prepare bankruptcy news. The young monarch dish co-founder pastor of the "Beijing daily" said, there are investors "bounced", but the story of bankruptcy is not real, the young monarch dish is seeking a way to get money quickly, as far as possible to protect the rights and interests of employees.

public information, young Jun Jun in 2014 to get from angel angel venture capital, nine venture capital A round of investment of $10 million, in 2015 to complete the $3 B round of millions of dollars

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