Wang Xiaosong, vice president of Jingdong virtual providers blind development of users is a disaster

senior vice president of Jingdong Wang Xiaosong in an "communication life newspaper" (WeChat: maoqiying2008) in an interview that virtual operators began to "small talk" is normal, the upstream is state-owned, slow change.

in the user experience is not the best case, if the virtual operators blind large-scale development of users, I think it is a disaster". Wang Xiaosong said that in the long run, the virtual operator business is very good, moreover, virtual operators are very important for the Jingdong, the Jingdong completed from the sale of goods to the user management role and entrance virtual business will become a Jingdong of mobile internet. Wang Xiaosong believes that the current virtual operators at the beginning of the line to overcome a lot of difficulties. For example, the real name system number certification, paragraph 170 SMS platform certification, interoperability and international roaming, etc..

Wang Xiaosong revealed that Jingdong will combine a terminal vendor in December this year launched a borderless phone.

Wang Xiaosong also published the following views:

1, everything is difficult at the beginning, virtual operators is a new business philosophy, there will be a lot of ups and downs in the early stages of development, especially in the upper reaches of the traditional state-owned enterprises (or central enterprises) slow change, the need for a process;

, 2 virtual operators to overcome many difficulties in the beginning of the line, such as the number of certification, section 170 a lot of SMS platform authentication, roaming section also need access, if the business does not solve the many problems, poor user experience under the condition of large-scale development, but I think the anti disaster, gradual development is more advantageous;

3, Jingdong to do is to support service offline completely on the line, such as mobile phone repair, make a phone call in the Jingdong only online, delivery staff can come to take the machine, the whole process from purchase to customer service at home;

4, Beijing ahead of the competition in mobile phone online shopping market has four main advantages: including the JDPhone plan for the business forward, three operators and virtual operators, in-depth cooperation in business development and customer service support service;

5, China’s mobile phone market this year is estimated to be optimistic about sales of 400 billion, mobile B2C network sales in the third quarter of 15 billion, down from year to year in the year of 60 billion, should be more than 20%;

6, operators to reduce subsidies to the terminal, the impact on the industry as a whole is relatively large, but the sales data from Jingdong in recent months, the impact is minimal, still maintain a healthy growth momentum.

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