Taobao how to use short links quickly open the WeChat market

as everyone knows, Taobao share links is not open in WeChat, even though Taobao set the password but also Amoy, twists and turns, the user can see the real appearance of products.


so a lot of time unless it is a friend to recommend general a few users are willing to open on WeChat Taobao link and Amoy password, so in the course of time, WeChat, it is hard to see a Taobao product promotion link.

difficult to operate, it is difficult to open for the user is only stopped in trouble, but for Taobao’s businesses, it is equivalent to the loss of WeChat this great communication tool

so, how do we solve this kind of problem?

short chain function, which is based on the research and development of new features on this issue, through the short chain conversion function, you can convert the Taobao link can be directly linked to the WeChat or two-dimensional code.


promotion one: public number

can be combined with the short connecting with the public number, placed in the public number

menu bar


previous public number Taobao link is not open

but after a short chain, can open the

users interested in words will naturally enter the store to buy

promotion two:

if the Taobao store activities need diffusion, can also be combined with coupons, cash back roll and other kinds of activities will be combined with information publicity plan two-dimensional short connection code, then extended to the circle of friends, interested users see preferential information publicity plan will scan code to buy.


how to use short chain product promotion

short chain can be used for Tencent communications, can facilitate the promotion of natural products for businesses, in addition to the introduction of the appeal to promote the activities of the map, but also can be combined with the promotion of distribution functions.


distribution function, the principle as Taobao customers, businesses can set off through the distribution function of Taobao percentage of distribution function, the use of more than this, then I will make a detailed description of the distribution function of the article use and usage.


short connection with distribution function, you can through the Taobao customer to carry out the promotion of the whole network of WeChat products, so this piece of fertile soil, and the high viscous trust circle of friends, whether it is new or old, the explosion can find love its users.

short connection features introduced here, I will continue to update >

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