Ding Lei independent electricity business investment iron rule first meaning pricing power

in the Internet bigwigs have to throw money at the time of e-commerce, NetEase in e-commerce planning is what?

The problem that

NetEase CEO Ding Lei frowning lips about more than and 20 seconds, then answer cunningly: e-commerce is now divided into two factions: platform and channel faction faction, the former such as Taobao, which is on behalf of Jingdong and NetEase is the mall, "like India pie".

Ding Lei mouth in the image of the pie is actually already launched a small business: online print photos. However, the annual income of this small business has been in the tens of millions of years, the gross margin of the business than those only 5% or even a loss of B2C much higher – many single product profits can even reach 40%-50%.

this part of the revenue has not attracted attention as the game business, after all, is relatively small, can not find in the NetEase’s earnings are hidden into which revenues, but customized business growth is very fast, has doubled two or three times, only a 4.9 yuan Mug every year. NetEase in 4 days sold 3672 pieces.

most of the revenue from online gaming NetEase has not stopped looking for investment and access in various fields. Placed in front of Ding Lei’s task in addition to raising pigs, but also in the future as early as possible in the future with a platform to NetEase’s all products "string" up.

once the green after Ding Lei opened the chatterbox and still smiling sunshine, just a bit more sophisticated and profound.

subversion Kodak

July 19th, the official launch of NetEase personalized print customized website, like the pie is seen as a sign of NetEase officially entered e-commerce. Ding Lei optimistic about this business is almost the highest demand for e-commerce in the field of logistics, lightweight, and relatively high profits.

in fact, the business started in August 2007, has been nearly 4 years of development, from the end of 2010 the amount of users and the business volume has reached to a certain scale, becomes increasingly important for the NetEase’s project — try the origin of NetEase found that there are users 5 billion photos on their website, 40 million NetEase album users.

Ding Lei has made a thorough market research and demonstration, and to understand their own silver processing technology.

is now the NetEase’s "print" can provide products with 16 major categories, 116 small classes, the 3082 templates. Including photos, photo album, photo album, photo studio, the number of wood engravings, silver jewelry, scarves, pillow and so on, these products are the final form of online DIY users.

online printing market "Snapfish" is no longer a rival NetEase. In his fish 0.6 yuan a 6 inch panoramic photos, the NetEase like India faction "in the lowest only 0.45 yuan. Every day, NetEase "print like pie" employees to

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