Taobao Tmall online shopping can be on account of timely repayment can be free

financial services group’s ant ant micro credit has confirmed yesterday that Taobao, Tmall jointly launched a flower chanting on credit services, the future of Internet users in Taobao and Tmall shopping can first credit, confirm receipt after 10 next month before the repayment schedule can be free. From yesterday, often online shopping or online payment more active users of Alipay, Alipay login web version can apply for a trial.

it is understood that the flower chanting is the ant launched a micro loan for personal consumer credit services. Consumers in the Alibaba owned by, Tmall mall shopping orders, you can choose to use it to spend in payment, to confirm receipt of the next month 10 days before the repayment, without interest during the.

Chongqing evening news reporter in the experience and found the opening flowers chant business, their consumption amount to 3500 yuan, while another friend’s flower consumption amount is 2000 yuan. Why different users of credit consumer credit is not the same? Ant micro loan said, according to their consumers in online shopping and payment habits and other factors evaluated by big data computing, combined with the model of risk control, to spend 1000 yuan to chant the users ranging from -3 million personal consumption credit.

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"flower Alipay launched the service, a service charge but ants provide micro credit for consumers." The micro credit service responsible person spend Bai Hao Ying said.

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, Taobao and Tmall most businesses or merchandise will support the flower chanting services, users can associate the account balance, debit card, Yu Ebao automatic repayment. If not overdue will be charged 5/10000 per day overdue fee. If consumers occasionally forget repayment, repayment can be completed within 3 days after the deadline, call the customer service hotline 95188, apply for the elimination of overdue records.

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except the flower chanting, Jingdong, Gome and Suning also have their own extension or installment products.

in the installment period as an example, the Jingdong ious 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of three, Gome and Suning is 3 months, 6 months and 12 months three.

payment rates, the Jingdong called payment service fee installments, within 30 days of interest free repayment, 3 period (3 months) is 1.5%, 12 is 6%. Gome and Suning called fees, different banks charge different standards. In the United States to ICBC and China Merchants Bank as an example, ICBC 6 fee of 2.14%, ICBC 12 for a period of 4.27% 6; China Merchants Bank charges 4.8%, China Merchants Bank 12 fee 6.6%; while in Suning, to the Agricultural Bank as an example, the 6 fee is 2.5%, 12 for a period of 4.5%.

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