Open up logistics, customs clearance, procurement, scouring the sea to the whole industry chain Era


I network operators in the world of the sea Amoy supply chain integration is very difficult, but the logistics is also the core of all sea Amoy user pain points. From extensive to fine logistics, from gray to standard clearance from scratch through the downstream procurement, perfecting a series of links, sea Amoy finally ushered in the "era of purchasing and logistics industry chain sales".



network operators in the world Yang Qin


sea Amoy may be the lowest level of supply chain in all domestic electricity supplier industry in a market. Sea Amoy supply chain integration is extremely difficult, from procurement to logistics and then every aspect of customs clearance is full of challenges. Policy uncertainty also increased the risk of scouring the sea.

but driven by strong demand from the Chinese people around the world, a large number of companies with huge amounts of capital into the line nuggets. Due to the sea Amoy supply chain is not mature, so different practitioners with their own point of view gives a different solution. The uncertainty of the policy, so that the sea Amoy model exceptionally diverse. But after all, through different links of the supply chain can be disassembled will be arranged scouring the sea.

Logistics: from extensive to fine

logistics is probably the most cumbersome cross-border electricity supplier ring, but also the biggest challenge facing the sea amoy. With the help of the global Internet, consumers can get around the world by sitting in front of the computer to move a finger. But for the transfer of goods from thousands of miles away across the sea to the hands of users, the sea Amoy Porter became a role particularly bitter.

international express, of course, is the first thought of logistics. Fast, service is guaranteed, the business is mature, UPS, FedEx, DHL and other international courier giant brand has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. All of these constitute the advantages of international express logistics.

since there are so many international express the advantages of certainty, why the sea Amoy family in the choice of logistics mode racking their brains? The answer is simple, the cost is too high to constitute a fatal weakness of international express. We have three major international express companies from the United States of Losangeles send a parcel to Chinese kilograms of Shanghai as an example, select their most economic service, UPS, FedEx, DHL international freight is 316 yuan respectively, 415 yuan and 355 yuan, which does not include both domestic distribution costs and possible clearance other expenses. Although through a number of large logistics platform, consumers can get a certain discount price on this basis, but the cost of hundreds of dollars on the sea is still scouring the family can not bear the weight.

if in strict accordance with the provisions of the customs to implement it, individuals entering postal articles limit of 1000 yuan, the courier will let the sea Amoy price discount. This determines the logistics model is difficult to become mainstream. Meanwhile, the international express customs clearance is relatively transparent, the lack of flexibility, which further reduces the competitiveness of the courier model.

international express

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