Taobao entrepreneurial mentality

actually I was new to Taobao, 20 days before Taobao entered the world, always buy things, so suddenly become the owner, the 20 day of my shop reputation is almost 1 Diamond, one must ask, so quickly, that is because I am at a loss to sell things! The drill is the price of a 300 loss, remember the first day by train, the more than and 100 block is rather baffling points out, what did not sell, then worry ah, think now, actually a lot of things are ripe, business shop, must better, it is difficult to adhere to the Taobao business, a lot of people a confident start, start slowly down, finally turned into despair! Many desperate people began to become reconciled, formal business can not do it, would remove loopholes, begin to cheat, here to remind all of Taobao. Man is doing! The sky is watching!

chatting paoti! Although I met a liar, but not every day, once cheated! Said the mentality of the problem, as a good owner, you must learn every day, make it a summary of the daily habits, to have confidence in yourself, have confidence in their own products! Could you for 1 weeks, 1 months, no business, but don’t lose heart, as long as every day, you will succeed one day, take the train, you may get paid more than and 100 today, but no one to buy you something, this does not mean that your product is not attractive, you can see the commodity collection, perhaps many people did not buy today, but others of your goods, it shows your goods attractive, may your promotion is not big enough, adhere to adhere to the forum, posted, someday you will Sold! Take me, my website is almost 20 days, Baidu included a front page No. 23, then 10 consecutive days not included in my other pages, why, I don’t know, I know the host log, Baidu spider every morning to my site, but it is I’m not included, of course, I will not give up, keep your 2 original, my Taobao store until today every day or 40 yuan loss through the car, when advertising


said every day to lose money, but also this friendly reminder, for those who will enter the Taobao shop, when you don’t win before the goods will be found in your shop, there is not enough credit, or when Taobao do part-time job to do, first of all, you should have a stable job, do not put all the pressure in Taobao, long points so you can keep the mentality, now Taobao as before, you don’t have a lot of money, don’t start, I was doing software development, its own occupation is good, have a steady income, not too much, 6K a month or so, for I a month into the 2K to try entrepreneurship, own can afford! Even if really do not go down, at least I have retreat! So here to remind those who are about to quit the job and concentrate on the new Taobao, also some things Is left a retreat to their own good, unless you have to win the commodity purchase channels, unique


entrepreneurship is difficult, it is difficult to insist on, every day good hair >

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