What are the _39 breast massage health network _ women

four, oil massage method

in the two hands holding a brush, the brush face affixed to the breast, with a brush head as the center, a rotary massage on his breast, note that massage time must be moderate and control efforts, great efforts are too light, too heavy words may hurt some breast, allow yourself to feel comfortable and powerful can oh.

lying in bed at night, you can use the left hand gently stroked her right breast, while the right hand gently stroked his left breast, to touch ten minutes can play a good effect of breast every day, can let your chest more tall and strong.

The importance lies not only in the

three, physical therapy

applied in the breast with the female hormone containing oil, need to pay attention to is not to use too much, a thin layer can be, after the right hand to hold the right side of the breast, with the left hand gently on the right side of the breast, then gently with his right hand along the lines of the palm breast to breast support along the left hand round down potential.

hands thumb and four fingers folded under the spine on both sides of the little finger, according to both ends of the spine, the index finger with the above method in both hands with pressure situations, head back down, with a fingertip pressure, as an action.

two, stroking method

breast massage methods have? It tells four of breast massage methods, the majority of female friends can have time at home a lot do breast massage, massage stick is in fact as long as can be to a certain effect on the breast of straight up, often massage two times development can also promote the breast, breast more plump beauty Oh, want to pay, not satisfied with their friends can try a lot of breast massage methods above.

a brush massage method

breast baby Mi Liangchuan, also it can make women stand tall woman, a woman must have a pair of tall breast can attract people’s attention, but also to attract the eyes of men, so in the sense that a large part of the charm of women from the breast in order to make the breast, more beautiful, a lot of breast massage, said the following about what breast massage method.


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