Dr. Yang registered hard knock Yangzhou 1912

      former Merchant House, Yangzhou city currently living room, 1912 blocks into the opening of the countdown, but the domain name www.yz1912.com was raised by Dr. Bai Yanchao successfully registered, has been playing an increasingly popular entertainment portal. Yesterday, Yangzhou 1912 responsible person said in an interview with reporters was "embarrassed", but said the two sides have cooperation.

yz1912 website opened fire before 1912

yesterday, the reporter through Baidu search engine, input "Yangzhou 1912" keywords, Yang found Dr. Bai Yanchao registered www.yz1912.com domain name in the first place, open the site, into the eye is "1912 Yangzhou fashion life net" website home page "Yangzhou restaurant, wine bar, hotel, bath, travel, beauty, theater and other main the column is very conspicuous, a guide Yang City leisure entertainment portal has begun to take shape.

, a website owner young botanist Dr. Bai Yanchao told reporters that last year by the newspaper to see Nanjing 1912 fashion district will be located in Yangzhou, which will determine the hidden huge business opportunities, and in September 9th last year, spent 1600 yuan successfully registered "www.yz1912.com", "www.yz1912.net", "www.yangzhou1912.com", "www.yangzhou1912.net" four international domain name; at the end of June this year, positioning in the fashion consumption of the "www.yz1912.com" website construction success, in three months, nearly 30 fashion business promotion through the website, monthly profit of nearly million yuan.

Bai Yanchao said, as of now, the site has to learn from the "Yangzhou 1912" Internet users click rate has more than 30 thousand people, including through the Baidu search log users accounted for about 60%, through the Google search log accounted for 10%, 10% of Internet users through Xicihutong understanding, for the rest of the spontaneous login; otherwise hundreds of Internet users through the QQ group 47313636 Yangzhou fashion consumer information.

Yangzhou 1912 "fashion banquet" slow

yesterday afternoon, told reporters in Yangzhou 1912 Liu Rong general manager said was "embarrassed", and expressed understanding. Liu Rong believes that Dr. Yang registered "www.yz1912.com" has such a high hit rate, Yangzhou 1912 has received great attention from the fashion consumer. But if you want to understand Yangzhou 1912, the public can only log on the company’s website

"www.in1912.cn" understanding Yangzhou 1912 information.

Liu Rong, general manager, told reporters that the end of this year, the official opening of the 1912 fashion blocks in Yangzhou has entered the countdown, after foreign investment and screening, the first into the

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