Alibaba officially clear font infringement complaints threshold

this is described A single word of gold., but put in some words too wonderful for words, the merchants who, but became a misuse of the word, because the pain of cutting one’s body unauthorized font, font to human rights complaints would remove all commercial links. Recently, the Alibaba after careful judgments, the announcement clearly such fonts infringement "complaints threshold, to remind businesses cautious use of fonts and font, and remind human rights complaints for single word when issued by judicial decisions and administrative rulings.

"I was panic, because these products are the main products of the store, once these items are deleted, the previous sales records and comments will disappear. In this way I will lose the qualification to participate in the double 11 promotion." Ms. Hong is a person in charge of Tmall sportswear flagship store, in mid May this year, she suddenly received a Tmall commercial delete notification, said the store on a variety of goods pictures, because of the use of "Microsoft YaHei font" has not been authorized by the founder complaints required to remove the product link, so Ms. Hong painstakingly shop the selling items will not delete the contribution due to sales, the store will suffer huge losses.


has also suffered a Tmall cosmetics shop responsible person said Mr. Chen, founder of a paper infringement notices informing him for a variety of goods store picture caption font has not been authorized, Mr. Chen are now required to pay licensing fees, "I don’t know how to use the" Microsoft YaHei "against the founder of the rights, if known I can not, but there is no reason to suddenly delete my goods."

in fact, recently for a single word more and more complaints, but are concentrated in the explosion, selling category. On the one hand is the font of human rights complaints that a businessman is the livelihood of their jobs, as a business platform, every decision must be cautious." Alibaba platform management department relevant responsible person said, in view of such complaints has indeed in the platform business caused no small impact, and identify such fonts infringement complaint complexity and infringement is established to judge the case, in line with the principles of fairness and justice, the Alibaba will take the two principles of such type of infringement complaint ".


1, in the font provided effective rights of judicial decisions and administrative rulings, prove the complaints of merchants to use some words font behavior constitutes copyright infringement, the Alibaba will handle complaints and remove infringing links.

In 2,

font provides evidence of human rights complaints businesses overall used their character, constitutes copyright infringement, the Alibaba will also receive complaints and remove infringing links.

and Alibaba also reminded businesses, when using a font of the individual word, still need to be cautious, although not necessarily violate the rights of human rights character, but in some cases, there are still possible infringement.


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