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since 2009, double 11 has gone to the first eighth years. Last year, double 11, within a day produced a total of 467 million orders, creating a world record. According to the previous state Post Bureau estimates that this year (November 11th to 16) will exceed the volume of parcels of 1 billion.

In addition to

amount of amazing, this year 11 what new changes? In November 10, the "daily economic news" reporter Bingfen multiple interviews found that the major electricity supplier in order to attract chop hand family buy buy buy, with a star party please exhaust all the skills, for example, to live, and taking the electric UAV delivery "play a new height.

now double 11 is not only the world’s most important annual electricity supplier market promotion day, it is a collection of shopping, entertainment, culture in one of the ultimate experience carnival.

It is worth mentioning that, just a few days ago, Hangzhou cloud habitat conference, Ma will be the new retail concept thrown after the next line and then no boundaries from the line,


– Ali’s young people to embrace suning.com


on the evening of 10, in the gymnasium of Shenzhen Universiade, Tmall double 11 party staged a Victoria’s Secret Chinese debut. This is the first time in Chinese’s supermodel debut. In the industry, known as the "fashion show’s super bowl" and "underwear Oscar" said.

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that the current Tmall double 11 carnival night by American producer David Hill was ·. Prior to this, he has directed 20 years of "super bowl", eighty-eighth Oscar award and "American Idol" and other well-known IP program.

a few days ago, Ma set double 11 site preparatory said, "double 11 of consumers and businesses to buy holiday, happy, happy to sell, the figure is a happy and happy."

from Shenzhen to the north, in Nanjing, suning.com also held a variety show network. This evening, in addition to PPTV, Iqiyi, B station and Suning four platforms simultaneously broadcast live, in almost all the major broadcast platform can be seen live.

is not difficult to see that this year, suning.com not only in the broadcast platform selection of the Internet, also chose to include the B station of young people’s favorite platform. In the program settings, but also to the content of Internet culture. This year the popular burning brain and the Divine Comedy, kichiku etc. these two elements of culture.

suning.com responsible person, today’s consumer market, users have been extended to the 90 after 95 or 00 after the crowd. They have a strong idol complex, willing to pay for their favorite things.

– Jingdong go technology flow of UAV completed much of the first single distribution

November 10th, the reporter was informed that Jingdong dual 11 will start unmanned aircraft and unmanned vehicle delivery. Jingdong UAV has been in Suqian, Xi’an,

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