Competitors have fallen This is how the Chinese do fresh electricity supplier in the United States


Silicon Valley fresh electricity supplier GrubMarket founder Xu Minyi


long table is GrubMarket’s desk


office door with a slogan "every money is important"


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

drove to the warehouse in southern San Francisco. On both sides of the road everywhere is a huge warehouse, dragging a cart box truck to and fro, bumpy road is also pressure. Xu Minyi is wearing a Jersey, standing in the warehouse door, busy directing workers packing, in and out of the freezer. Stout stature, dark skin, it looks like he and warehouse workers do not have what distinction.

Xu Minyi is the founder of fresh electricity supplier in San Francisco GrubMarket, previously worked in Oracle and eBay companies. The startup is like a local organic fresh platform online: one side is the source of many organic farm supply bay area, the other side is convenient and economical to obtain high-quality ingredients to the local rich consumers and senior restaurant. It is worth mentioning that, GrubMarket is a well-known Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator spring training camp star members in 2015.

fresh electricity supplier market is not a lack of competitors, many start-up companies to get a large amount of venture capital funds, the market as well as Amazon and Google such industry giants. But to be successful in this market, even if it is to insist on, are particularly difficult, not to mention Xu Minyi such immigrants. Instacart and Good Eggs of the two star startups were financing $275 million and $46 million 500 thousand, but this year to mass layoffs and shrink the scale of business; the other two star start-up companies Farmigo and Kitchit even announced bankruptcy.

but competitors have contracted business, while the development of GrubMarket is quite smooth. At the beginning of this year, they also acquired the Losangeles organic fresh electricity supplier FarmBox, their operations from the San Francisco Bay area expanded to Losangeles. In FarmBox, on the line after two years, GrubMarket active users reached 200 thousand, monthly revenue of nearly $2 million 500 thousand, a total of more than 2000 kinds of commodities, goods from the local more than and 300 farm supplies 150-160 restaurant. At present, the most popular selling organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and aquatic products.

In the second quarter of this year, the

market in the financing market cooling significantly, GrubMarket completed a total of $20 million B round of financing, the total financing will be raised to $32 million. Their investors both have AME Cloud (YAHOO joint creation)

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