Ouyang Yun buy line is no need to create a new connection on the assembly line

ifeng.com Francisco August 23rd message, "2011 China Internet Conference held in Beijing in August 23rd -25, ifeng.com technology as the official portal strategic partners, to the meeting for the entire video and teletext broadcast. In the afternoon of the 23 day theme of "gathering intelligence perception of the future" theme of his speech, Ouyang Yun made Gaopeng COO entitled "reflect" group purchase — social shopping speech, he believes that the key to group purchase industry is not need to create a new space, just on the line group purchase, do not need new spatial pattern.


‘s chief operating officer Ouyang Yun

The following

for Gaopeng statement Ouyang Yun record:

Ouyang Yun: distinguished leaders, distinguished guests and dear colleagues from all walks of life, everybody is good, I am from Gaopeng Ouyang Yun today, very glad to have the opportunity to share with you on behalf of friends from the perspective of how to treat group purchase Gaopeng industry group purchase in the future where the group purchase, as an emerging industry, since last year attracted too much attention, we don’t have to tell thousands of companies on the market today, don’t say how intense the competition scene, did not say a few months can be listed, we talk about a group purchase as a business model will go where, a commercial value, the value of world sustainable bring business value it has a glorious future.

is the first argument, I think is to create a OTO group purchase mode, we know that the traditional model of e-commerce, whether it is from the CTC store, shift from offline stores to eBay or Taobao BTC mall change so that a common they say, our businesses have opened up with the user a new space, from line to line, the new space is the need to develop, there is a relatively mature process, I think the OTO mode has two main features, OTO can instantly burst out of business demand and service demand of the user, to support a can be said to be such a the demand for a dry faggot on a blazing fire which is why we see, from the beginning to group purchase mode, there is a big potential, because it is the key to creating a new space docking line of, No new space required.

second points in the first group purchase local businesses to the world of e-commerce, the kinetic energy of local businesses is infinite, as we now have a lot to say that in the end is not the group purchase has become saturated, tell you Beijing is one of the most mature markets group purchase development, Beijing has six thousand restaurants, but now participate in group purchase the restaurant is only more than 1 thousand, the local businesses into e-commerce skills is the real OTO mode, which is from the angle of e-business, another point from the network marketing point of view, in the search, a community, go straight to the electronic commerce today, I think a lot of marketing problem is that we try to find the correlation between content and advertising from the portal stage to search to find the search term with wide >

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