Golden Eagle is trying to take advantage of the mobile terminal electricity supplier wins 15% perfor


] March 28th news billion state power network, electricity supplier in the field "has been very quiet," the Golden Eagle Group began to sound. The day before, Golden Eagle executives said publicly that the development of the electricity supplier has caused great loss to the company’s business, the future intends to fight back through the mobile internet.

Golden Eagle chairman Wang Heng at the annual results press conference that the rapid development of the domestic electricity supplier, is expected to have 15% of the losses caused by the company’s business, the company will actively explore the O2O business platform as a response to the.

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The Golden Eagle

chief information officer and vice president Wang Mingyuan said the company last year in the development of online business investment of about 40 million yuan, will continue to invest in the future.

for specific business planning, direction of Golden Eagle look for the mobile Internet and O2O. Wang Mingyuan said, the Golden Eagle has been thinking for a long time on the concept of O2O, that O2O is not a simple online orders, pick up the line so simple, must realize the mobile, social. The department store if possible: pure business, I think the mobile terminal will be one of the biggest opportunities."

billion state power network learned in Golden Eagle has begun to take steps in the mobile internet. In early 2012, Golden Eagle launched a mobile client "own palm Golden Eagle", according to Wang Mingyuan revealed that the total downloads at the palm Golden Eagle has more than 1 million 100 thousand App.

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It is reported that

, the main function of the Golden Palm released at the mall, the activities of information commodity recommendation, redeem and other aspects, but there is a brand discount or recommendation, Palm Eagle does not support users online orders, only to provide users with specific location of goods, to guide the user to the next line of consumption.

in addition to the mobile client independently, handheld and online mobile phone launched Golden Eagle plan payment form. According to its official sources, the company will launch a comprehensive mobile payment and mobile phone electronic coupons this year. Wang Heng is expected to have more than 50%, Golden Eagle counter can use mobile payment checkout this year, the future will invest about 40 million yuan, in order to improve the electronic business.

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