Online pharmacy sales champion embarrassment family supplies into explosive

every reporter Wang Xia from Shanghai

recently, the State Council issued the "on the development of e-commerce to accelerate the cultivation of new economic power views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the requirements of the national food and drug administration, the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Commerce of the three departments before the end of 2015 on the introduction of specific policies to promote the development of the pharmaceutical electronic commerce.

recently held in Hangzhou 2014~2015 Chinese pharmacy comprehensive development report will be released the "2014~2015 year China online pharmacy sales list", seven Lok Kang with annual sales of 771 million 250 thousand yuan won the first performance.


vertical pharmaceutical business seven Lok Kang can in just a few years to achieve the industry’s first? The "daily economic news" reporters found that, compared to the industry characteristics of similar enterprises, seven Lok Kang is the biggest and adhere to the "customer first" thinking, the focus on the choice of products, marketing, construction measures on the downstream ecological chain, to all to do around the user experience. But sales of its main products are not drugs, data display, health supplies and lenses of its sales occupy half of the country, reflects the current situation of online pharmacies.

sell what users want to buy

in a number of public occasions, seven Yue Kang online pharmacy chairman Shi Zhenyang will be attributed to all the achievements of the Internet era user first thinking. He has said that the seven most important assessment index is to repeat customers, if the customer does not viscosity, how much sales are meaningless.

Chinese pharmaceutical business research center director Zhang Yong told the "daily economic news" reporter, compared to many similar vertical pharmaceutical business, seven Lok Kang is the main Internet gene, one of the performance in the main push products above.

seven Kang Kang is not particularly positive in terms of selling drugs, because the main electricity supplier in the consumer groups 25~35 years old, this part of the population needs less medication." Zhang Yong said, family planning supplies, contact lenses and other categories is the focus of the seven Lok Kang sales, the logic behind this is to sell users want to buy things."

data show that the current number of seven Lok Kang business goods regulations 33871, of which 10648 kinds of Western medicine, medical equipment 18710, food, health care category 1201, but its sales outstanding category is very concentrated.

in its TOP10 sales, household items, contact lenses accounted for about half of the share. One of the top three is Durex condom (Activity Pack) 12, London Qingdao Haichang water feeling contact lens multipurpose solution and nine 120ml*4 comfortable type bottled electronic sphygmomanometer (smart arm type) Tianjin nine KD5910.

at present, almost all of the pharmaceutical business are still "burning" stage. According to Zhang Yong revealed that in March of this year, Shi Zhenyang has made, in seven the goal is to pursue the pursuit of profit in 2015, not a loss.

in fact, the industry generally >

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