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report of German experts showed that the incidence rate of breast cancer in women are higher than other seasons (spring women prone to breast cancer, according to the change of female hormones in vivo and presumably related), so women in the spring should pay more attention to regularly check, if found to have mass, and when the doctor should be.

In order to facilitate the understanding of female breast According to the

once the mass, must be clear as soon as possible, the need to identify the tumor is benign or malignant tumor, doctors often recommend patients with pathological biopsy. When the mass occurs in the lung, liver and other deep solid organs, the need for biopsy. But many people worry that the tests are painful, so they are afraid of even refusing the biopsy.

: Professor Lee suggested that women under the age of 35 should get an annual ultrasound or ultrasound examination means, because the female breast of this age in high density, mammography is difficult to penetrate, observe the effect of the discount is not clear. The breast tissue of women over 35 years of age gradually began to shrink and replaced by adipose tissue, molybdenum target X-ray irradiation effect, the effective rate of up to 80%.

for breast cancer in high-risk groups, such as age at menarche or menopause less than 12 years older than 55 years old, first birth age more than 35 years or birth, postpartum breastfeeding, family breast cancer patients, should the doctor suggested regular breast X-ray examination at the same time, combined with a monthly self regular inspection and clinical examination.

life, many women think that self examination may prevent cancer, they would rather spend thousands of dollars to do beauty care, for breast cancer detection costs less than 100 yuan but province to province, this is a misunderstanding must be corrected. Professor Li Huiping said: Although self-examination is very important, but many of the early breast cancer without clinical signs and can not be found by self. As early as 2005, the United States in the early diagnosis of the guide is no longer recommended this method.

, Professor Li Huiping explained, "there is not enough evidence to show that a biopsy can lead to disease progression. And the United States for breast cancer examination and treatment, still insist on more than 90% patients with biopsy."

for a variety of reasons, many women have not received a formal breast examination. Women in the age of the best before the mass has not yet formed a preventive plan for breast cancer, do not passively wait for the doctor to give advice.

knowledge, clear misunderstanding, active treatment, oncology, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University chief physician professor Li Huiping said: after a breast cancer diagnosis, early treatment and actively regulate, treatment according to individual character customization effective, can obtain higher cure rate, and realize the peaceful coexistence of breast cancer".

, also known as breast cancer, often appears to be the same but the treatment response is large

do not refuse treatment because of various concerns or listen to rumors indiscriminately, not only delay your illness, may also cause disease progression or recurrence, will bring huge economic and psychological burden to their family and.

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