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buy site transformation vertical subdivision buy service survival of the fittest

according to the latest data released by the delegation group website statistics show that since the rise in 2010 to buy so far, the birth of a total of 6069 buy site buy website. Fast development of group purchase website for two years, but it also faces many problems and development bottleneck. By the end of June 2012, there have been 48% of the group purchase website or closure or transformation. Currently surviving buy site probably between 2000-3000 home. From last year, buy bubble theory has been popular on the Internet, and now this trend is more obvious and more concentrated.

recently released data from the group of 800, the current domestic market share of the industry to buy the scale of active business coverage and user base of the three indicators are stable. At the same time the decline in the volume of buy traffic is rising. This shows that appear in the bubble after thermal burn, group purchase, group purchase industry for advertising investment began to decline, to survive in the shuffle of group purchase website began to become more rational, although new user growth started to slow down, but loyal users of stability to the user conversion rate increased.

Although the current domestic

industry reshuffle is still continuing, but the decline in the number of representatives of the industry tends to stabilize. Especially the comprehensive group purchase website, handle network, the U.S. group net, Wo Wo Group a situation of tripartite confrontation. Buy more concentrated market. While in the field of vertical segment service buy, although the share is relatively less than the integrated field, but the overall development of space and greater potential. Its more representative of the site is where to buy its main channel, Admin5 webmaster network’s webmaster buy a network (http://s.etuan.com/). Vertical segments of the market to buy more clear, but the competition is more intense. The survival of the fittest under the test of the site to buy more services. Through the investigation of several operations in the vertical industry buy stations, the service is placed on the site of the first operation.

buy quality and buy the future development of the industry decided to buy

a network as the webmaster industry’s largest buy site, relying on the advantages of Admin5 webmaster network user resources, both in terms of traffic or buy the volume of transactions have done the first industry. In addition to brand and resource advantages, service is the way to success. After the opening of the new domain name, whether it is the user experience or buy pre-sale customer service and after-sales maintenance have been further improved. Webmaster buy is different from the comprehensive buy, and its products are mostly marketing, building software, virtual hosting and other non physical buy. In the process of group buying, customer service and after-sales service has a higher demand. A network has its originality in this aspect, not only through the enterprise QQ, telephone and other means to achieve the ultimate sales customer service. In terms of the sale of the user is also patient plus, and actively collect user feedback to improve service experience. In the webmaster circle group purchase service to become an independent school, accumulated a lot of loyal users, the user conversion rate compared to other similar group purchase website better.

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