Domineering ascent! PHLPS TV sales double 12 first foreign Jingdong!

with the double 12 dust settled, each brand sales results have been released. PHILPS TV to new heights, all day long sales exceeded 25000 units, the Jingdong channel foreign brands ranked first, the brand ranked fourth! One, 50 inch 4K single sales of over 5000 units, the number of visits over 1 million 800 thousand, the amount of sales is a record high, brilliant record shows "fly" where the strength of



to prepare for the double 12, PHILPS TV will open more than and 10 days in advance by continuously preheating, promotional activities gradually warming up, and finally in the double 12 round detonated huge benefits feast. Among them, 11.11 in the popular "buy 1 send 1 again gorgeous regression was upgraded to" buy 1 send 2 huge benefit activities, based on the purchase of 65/55 inch OLED TV Mini 65/55 inch 4K HD TV, more TV rack, charging treasure, cool Macarons camera, interest free installment and full cut coupons coupons spree, under the huge benefits to attract consumers have reservations, and triggered panic buying in 12.



TV triggered panic buying in 12, not only from the strong promotion of the huge benefits of the feast, but also highlight the PHILPS TV "Three Goods" quality. PHILPS TV has a strong technical strength and innovation in the global supply chain consisting of "hardware", also has a joint micro science and technology resources giant whale to create a "good", based on 125 years of brand history and hand Lin Chiling to create a "good brand spokesperson". Through three from the hardware, content and strength, PHILPS "three TV" is an industry.


on December 12th, sponsored by the Chinese Video Industry Association authority 2016 "Chinese good TV" selection conference held in Beijing, 65POD901c three PHILPS TV with good hardware, good content and good quality of strong brand "Miyoshi" selected, again highlighting the PHILPS TV "fly" all strength, for the double 12 promotion day to help tim.


success is not accidental, quality is fundamental. It is with good hardware, good content and good quality brand "Miyoshi", "three PHILPS TV" in the industry is certainly at the same time, is widely welcomed by consumers, and successfully set off panic buying in the double 12 day, create brilliant record again.

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