Jingdong PO on the eve of the many friends in Baidu private Tencent

in front of the IPO as much as possible to keep a low profile, is the general law of all listed companies to "no demerits". However, to submit a prospectus of the Jingdong in the year thirty, since that moment has never been low-key, but also more and more high-profile, on the Jingdong news is the eight winds, capital, products and markets…… Let people also do not know whether it is passive or initiative.

in the numerous news, Jingdong and BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) in the cooperation between the two BT, most people fall into a reverie. In the industry view, Jingdong these dazzling move, will largely affect the valuation of its IPO.

Jingdong hand Baidu hardware alliance

yesterday, the action continued Jingdong launched JD+ plan to recruit hardware startups to become small partners to form the intelligent hardware industry alliance. Jingdong official said, from the depth of cooperation, data sharing, marketing support, supply chain services, technical support, financial services and financial support to provide full support for partners, to promote the development of intelligent hardware industry innovation.

had a small degree of routing, route 360, Iqiyi HD box, 3D printers, smart wearable devices and other well-known products are starting in Jingdong. Among them, SKYWORTH Iqiyi ultra clear box in the beta period has attracted nearly twenty thousand users for testing; concern 360 portable WiFi Jingdong as its sole designated sales platform providers; called small degree three musketeers small WiFi, a small degree of routing, a small degree of shadow stick in the Jingdong after the first, the same sales performance brilliant. February 24th, the world’s first NOKIA compatible Android smartphone NOKIA X announced plans to join the JD+ program, through the exclusive sale of Jingdong in the Chinese market, the listing time in March of this year.

It is worth mentioning that

, Baidu announced that it became an important ally of Jingdong JD+ program. Baidu vice president Ceng Liang said, the future of the Jingdong and Baidu will be together together to create high-quality innovative hardware industry ecosystem, to jointly build an open hardware platform for innovation".

it seems in the industry, Baidu and Jingdong jointly announced, not only will further consolidate the Jingdong in 3C product sales advantage, and "Google China attachment" concept of Jingdong, also in the subsequent roadshow, increase the valuation of chips.

Jingdong Tencent marriage most anticipated

in the PC era, Baidu status is in terms of diversion is Tencent, Ali also mean what one says, the killer. Therefore, many electricity providers in had to stand, how to choose which one, it is a difficult decision. However, in the WeChat unrivaled arena, had a very difficult decision, suddenly become "fool" can do.

February 19th, the public comment announced Tencent shares 20%, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao admits, otherwise

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