nterpretation of e-commerce memorabilia in 2010

Electronic commerce

2010, including # # climax group purchase set off the climax of There was no parallel in history. At the end of the news people do not know is faith or bubble — follow rejected Google $6 billion acquisition of U.S. Groupon model group purchase site, announced the second round of venture capital investment of $fifty million, the valuation of more than $two hundred million; more than ten years of hard work dangdang.com successfully listed in the United States, financing $272 million.

# qualifying # although dangdang.com by American investors understand Chinese Amazon, but dangdang.com would be more tangled on the call". The genuine Amazon website called Amazon in China, not listed, but at present in the B2C e-commerce market share ranking still in dangdang.com before. Before the two, occupy the B2C market share of the throne is the king of Jingdong mall.

After the

# price war # dangdang.com listed Jingdong and Amazon, mall launched a price war on it immediately, and at its core Market — book. According to Dangdang’s prospectus, books, DVD and CD sales accounted for 84% of its total sales.

# # financing has not yet listed Jingdong store how to face the financing of nearly $three hundred million of the CEO Liu Qiangdong mall dangdang.com? Jingdong (micro-blog) where the price war confidence? Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong has completed a new round of financing, the amount of more than $500 million, WAL-MART is the one of the strategic investment, the amount is now listed e-commerce companies to raise funds in the stock market 2 times."

# Jingdong Liu Qiangdong Li Guoqing apparently not stupid # not averse Dangdang co president, all-out war in the department store, 3C, the book market will face the challenge of Liu Qiangdong, in addition to funding and staff pressure, and how to better allocation of energy, to solve the encountered problems in advancing mall Jingdong.

# unknown good # the bigger problem is that the B2C electronic commerce website is not the Jingdong in the world, they will face the fierce impact of Taobao mall, Taobao’s new "nameless goods", it will be more China export manufacturing power into play. Taobao mall evolution is the evolution of Taobao C2C platform is getting rid of the characteristics, the same as the choice of B2C platform.

# Baidu # Baidu also will not give up the electronic commerce market, in addition to its existing Baidu ah, Baidu also founded Beijing search-net, Beijing search-net also carries a group purchase website traffic to Baidu’s work. In addition, Baidu also and the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten jointly invested $fifty million to set up the B2C electronic commerce website Baidu cool days.

# market segments # in Baidu and Alibaba two giants, e-commerce market segments too fast. Footwear website Amoy music and good music to buy is one of the leaders, good music to buy in October announced the second round of financing, totaling $17 million, from Intel investment, Dfj investment and Sequoia capital. A few months ago, the tiger has also won the second round of Amoy Tiger Fund investment. < >

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