Broke the news Sina GOV.CN domain name registration

latest discovery GOV.CN actually can be registered, and only 4 yuan in the first year!

According to the requirements of the Ministry of information industry

, CNNIC from November 14, 2005 to strictly audit the GOV.CN domain name: the name of the company and individuals can not apply for the domain name GOV.CN, other applicants are required to produce the establishment of documents, confirmed organization files or higher levels of government agencies for their identity.

is the registered address for the vulnerability? Look, you’re not wrong, is Sina! Mobile phone for the first year registration fee is only 4 yuan.

according to the latest requirements of the Ministry of information industry: if not within 7 days to apply for the domain name registration application form and confirmed that the registration can also take effect. As for how long depends on the mood of CNNIC, I have successfully registered, but some people dare to do it.

below the domain name does not know to let the friend registered… In fact, there are more than a good domain name GOV.CN, or even a 1 digit.


tip: this registered domain name, although the registration can be successful, but there is a great possibility to be deleted CNNIC!

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