The new electricity supplier Lang Yongchun with the lonely repay brilliant

[editor’s note] Lang Yongchun takes some time to adapt to his new identity – looking for senior vice president, chief strategy officer. The Leo, speaking softly can squeeze water from the "national male god" in 2015 to go outside the system, the news spread like wildfire, immediately on the Internet exploded. The reason for leaving, choose the direction we have become after dinner talk. But what does he really want to do?


left: stand on a new height from scratch

Lang Yongchun told billion state power network, he officially left the CCTV in December 31st, January 1st officially joined the steel mesh.

recalled in CCTV twenty years, Lang Yongchun that no regrets, he said he got all the names and benefits.

asked why choose to leave, he gave the "hundred years of solitude" in a sentence to the billion state power network: once in a lifetime all brilliant, original after all, need to pay for the lonely. "This must be conserved, in front of people is glamorous, you need to think about how, how slim people in Shendu, tomorrow to continue to win glory."

"I’m not a good husband, a good son, a good father. Do news for more than and 20 years, the new year are on duty, simply can not accompany the family even if a spring festival. So in the middle of time, I think will bring me what the news over the past twenty years, in a sense, the news may let me catch some of the problems, and so on, but also pleased with oneself next opinionated; on the way, I saw the progress of technology, believe that the Internet will bring very the impact of various traditional industries."

so, Lang Yongchun finally felt that news is "face" on the job, relates to the field of broad; but if we can in the middle age for a change, enter a specific industry, do on some things, more challenging. "In CCTV, I have climbed to the peak of the media, if you can climb a peak, why not try?"

questioned the entry for steel cross, Lang Yongchun told billion state power network "I never stopped from the cross to the cross, acupuncture professional broadcasting, do good. I have always believed that to learn to clear, start from scratch. Choose to join the search for steel, more like standing on a new height from scratch."  

choice: what is the most able to transform the Internet business?

left after the selection of the industry, Lang Yongchun has only one requirement: the Internet can transform the most traditional industries.

because of the previous work, Lang Yongchun and many traditional iron and steel enterprises have not deep contact, he has his own understanding of the iron and steel industry.

he told billion state power network, the steel industry is now returned to the state 20 years ago. 20 years ago, steel sold 170>

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