Pig CMS new micro reservation services Madden online, perfect reservation artifact

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after the last pig CMS launched version universal form after the explosion, the product manager brain hole were infinite zoom. In the pursuit of the ultimate experience, Xiaobian serious doubt that he is a teacher of Venus hardcore fans, or the new application — why is the perfect appointment? (oh, accidentally hit a ad ~ ~


what’s the perfect appointment?

perfect reservation application, is the latest development of pig CMS, designed for the service industry to provide an online booking application. Different from the general form of the pig CMS (micro appointment), the perfect appointment in the reservation function, more professional, more detailed, more flexible.

1, full custom, multi project creation

pig CMS perfect appointment to support businesses in the same event to create multiple items in the appointment, fully customizable.

, for example, has a variety of yoga, yoga, yoga, plastic ball yoga, meditation yoga. So businesses set up activities, you can create an appointment items, and add a description of the project, the expected length of service, price, etc..

customers in the appointment, you can view the details of the project services, and according to the needs of an appointment. Multi project settings, not only enrich the business of booking activities, but also to meet the business needs of the business.

2, support multi store employees,

in addition to support multi project, perfect appointment is very "perfect" relates to many shops, many employees collocation. Businesses can be based on their own business needs and the actual situation, the project can be selected to provide the service store and staff, easy to make an appointment for customers.

customers according to the store information and address, choose the right service store, make an appointment.

in the event of the customer can choose to open the employee function, the merchant can configure the staff for the appointment of the project. For example, plastic ball yoga, businesses have selected staff Xiao Li and Xiao Wang, then the customer in the appointment, you can choose Xiao Li or Wang for their own services.

3, appointment time set flexible

in the appointment of the project settings, the pig CMS provides a flexible appointment time period settings. Businesses can be based on their own business hours to set up the customer can make an appointment service time, as well as the appointment time interval, the maximum number of appointments during the period. Customers in the appointment of the project, choose an appointment time, and orders.

flexible time settings, to meet the diverse needs of the business booking settings, is conducive to the specification of booking services, improve store management and operational efficiency.

4, prepaid deposit, business management more standardized

in order to further meet the operating needs of the store, the pig CMS perfect appointment as well as a deposit payment function to support online payment. Taking >

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