Ali highlights the importance of the content of the money, but the wind can really follow it

people all know, Ma used to hang in the mouth of GMV (total commodity trading) and in fact Ali’s revenue is not directly related to Ali released earnings more that GMV shares fell more ruthless, the data write a little fish in earnings in the feeling, apparently Wall Street and the capital market on the dry cargo fishing the behavior of super. Finally in June, Ma publicly announced earnings will no longer publish GMV indicators, saying investors have been required to use other indicators in addition to GMV, including web browsing and click through rate.

recently, the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 earnings release, Ali took ecological map, in addition to electricity supplier Ali al entertainment and cloud computing into earnings to make up the numbers, and this effect is obvious. But people are surprised to find another phenomenon, also seems to be made in Ma to meet the capital circle and investor interest in the change, Tmall, Taobao also has content, such as the APP subscription in "micro Amoy discovery", "Taobao headlines" and "must buy list" and "good" and "love shopping", "hot market", "I want daily", "daily good shop" etc.. The count down, the seemingly consumption information column tens to ten, if you leave a little heart, you will find this Ali ingenuity but reached the four flowering stage, although you point to point out in the end is the shopping links, but enough to show that Ali in order to achieve the requirements of investors, in doing the content very carefully, very carefully.

results reverse, the content is the core of user stickiness

Ali investors on Ali page views and click on the requirements of the contents of the importance of the content of Ma’s reversal of the objectives of investors, the focus of the conclusions drawn to do the content. Even if there is no content to do the first column, the technique is simple and rough, to guide the consumption of the general, the main taste of life, but also for the current hot spots, targeted to recommend related products. A recent Baoqiang Wang divorce, Taobao to sell, sell the decisive baby home, selling original clothing Taobao shop were collecting together, playing a song, run with a gimmick.

Ali now pay attention to the content, part of the interpretation of the initial stage of the Internet why the four major portals prominent, becoming the first listed companies in the internet. It is because of the information and the media to cultivate the soil from the Internet users, after the search, electricity providers and other types of Internet Security and even the existence of the need for enterprises. However, in the field of commodity consumption, because the transaction demand of knowledge is very professional and consumer decision making long period and high cost, make the content form the user long-term concern is related to APP who has special skills, such as real estate, automobile, medical.

real estate, more representative of the chain is a typical home, fifteen years of development, the chain of home transactions from the line to do online, and now is a data-driven full value real estate service platform. The car is more representative of the car’s home, initially in the media (content) after the discovery of the formation of the user has a strong spending power, the beginning of the electricity supplier. Today, >

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