Jingdong Liu Qiangdong price war is the fate of electricity providers


Jingdong mall chairman Liu Qiangdong

did not appear in public for a long time, Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of Jingdong mall last week in his alma mater, the NPC’s lecture, a comprehensive deconstruction of the Jingdong system. He also said: the price war is the business of the fate, the price is higher than the rival Jingdong live more than a year; logistics cost is lower than the opponent 32%-40%, a year to save hundreds of millions of funds.

"every company that doesn’t make money should be ashamed, but it’s stupid to make money at a time when it’s not time to make money. I would like to take a moment of shame, not stupid, Liu Qiangdong, why not make money on the issue of Jingdong, the answer: "our investment is only 10%. For example, we covered more than and 300 cities, China has 2400 cities. When the investment is completed, the cost is lower than the opponent, the user satisfaction is high, we began to profit."

Business Review: change the fate of the price may be greater.

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