General Administration of quality inspection the construction of national electricity supplier crack

Beijing December 1st news reporter Yu Yingbo reporters from the State Quality Inspection Administration informed for e-commerce product quality problems have become increasingly prominent, especially the illegal use of the Internet and selling fake and shoddy products, national quality inspection administration law enforcement and supervision department in accordance with the online discovery, origin, and territorial requirements, to actively build the investigation mechanism of electronic commerce law enforcement the quality, dealt with a number of illegal cases, exposure of a number of typical cases. July to date, a total of more than 400 cases investigated and dealt with the quality of electricity supplier cases.

recently held in Hangzhou City, e-commerce product quality law enforcement field conference, deputy director of General Administration of quality inspection of steel Chen said that in recent years the rapid development of China’s e-commerce, but also associated with the quality of many products, the "three noes" products. But because the new format of electronic commerce is often cross regional trade, business registration, business, business platform location, goods delivery, customer receipt is not consistent, mobile, cross-border, secrecy is very obvious, which brought great difficulties to the product quality supervision department.

this, Chen steel requirements, e-commerce products e-commerce product quality law enforcement is priority among priorities of the action part of ascension, all over the quality inspection departments to establish and perfect the national e-commerce products law enforcement and investigation mechanism, and comprehensively promote the e-commerce product quality law enforcement work, to crack down on illegal e-commerce product quality. Quality inspection departments to rely on the 12365 systems, case information exchange, evidence transfer case, process management and other functions, promote law enforcement information transfer in the national scope, establish and improve the electronic commerce law enforcement and investigation mechanism of national products.

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