The world millions of opinion leaders in January to develop the subversion of the traditional busine

often asked: "what is the most beautiful things in the world?" answered the people are always in a thought with a smile in reply: "is the daily wake up, lover on the side?" "is a scenery, someone always accompany?" "that is the summer wind?" "with love" grow old… Oh no, this style seems a bit wrong! In the chowhound world, only to live up to the delicacy. Or love is always worth but a gluttonous delicacy, summer breeze over but also an ice cream! Earn enough money, experience the world delicacy is all dreams and feelings chowhound, but there is such a platform, is because love can eat chowhound and make money, even so with love the world travel plans.


universal catcher, a share of the global economy based on delicacy platform, not only committed to search globally best quality food, through the "voice" mode so that each can delivery chowhound their ability, mining and recommendation to earn the reliable delicacy, beauty food consumption. A pursuit of a global style delicacy guest, become a delicacy is born, live to make money with delicacy delicacy, a new era of global sharing mode catcher chowhound! So many himself sent on chowhound, become loyal fans, as this has been officially released before breaking 100 million let! We’ll see how it is to seize the hearts of chowhound


comes with the sales attributes of millions of opinion leaders

if we classify the fans, you can from the ordinary fans, loyal fans, order customers, loyal customers, promote customers, community interests all the way to cultivate. While universal catcher by strong food category choice share win-win model with simple rough attribute, so that every fans are likely to translate into the platform’s push, the quality of life has become opinion leaders. An opinion leader for the value of the platform is often hundreds of thousands of times the ordinary fans, so it seems, the world in just 1 months time to complete the traditional electricity supplier in a number of years.

but the real situation is also true, global catcher on-line in April 10th, daily sales break million in just 5 days time, the recent fan million daily sales platform, also has more than 2 million, the price of nearly 240 yuan! Was a group of traditional electricity supplier buddy, subversion of their views. This global catcher founder will Wu Weiqiang was very calm, he said: "sharing economy’s charm lies in the change of quality of life, from the ordinary commodity to the sale of Master recommended. The world has the most powerful global food supply system, from selection to direct mining are the most professional team to do. Each of our fans can be no pressure to share the high quality, high quality of the world’s authentic food, which is definitely not the traditional electricity supplier."

optimization object, good service fans become platform core

how to break away from traditional business flow chains? Global catcher are given the answer is to help customers, maintain a good meal.

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