12580.com was acquired, the transaction price is unknown

12580.com recently was an ordinary MMS download page, China Mobile has suddenly transmitted to the integrated information portal my12580.com. According to domain WHOIS information display, the owner of the domain name (in the press recently should be within a week) has been changed to wuxianxunqi (Wuxian Xunqi, reportedly is the exclusive partner of China Mobile 12580 integrated information service portal), the transaction price is unknown.

but the industry estimates the transaction price of the domain name will be much higher than the recent acquisition of 10010.com unicom.

[Note: 12580 integrated portal as the China Mobile information service, launched the life information services, business services and other content, including traffic information, route information, hotel reservation, ticket booking and so on, anyway, most of your needs, to 12580 can do. You dial 125 directly after 80, the results of the feedback information will be used to broadcast voice messages and text messages to inform users.

12580 is a strategic industry that China Mobile business transformation from "mobile communication expert" to "mobile information expert", a national unified business name, unified access number, unified planning unified information service process and characteristics, in order to "the most appropriate information, at the right time to the most suitable person". Although the provision of such services is not a long time, but China Mobile’s advantage is the portability of the mobile terminal, which provides favorable conditions for the popularity of 12580.

According to

website Wuxian Xunqi clear development goals of the 12580 stage is close with the overall strategic partner of China Mobile games, during Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, to provide comprehensive information services, feature rich and high quality mature. [


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