Electricity supplier development is the ultimate return to the user experience


electronic commerce using online sales to provide users with consumer needs, because the traditional face-to-face and online consumption, with the development of e-commerce, the annual growth rate of 300%, customer service plays an important role in electronic commerce is increasingly prominent. Whether it is to buy or B2C, their development will eventually return to the ultimate proposition of the user experience.

website content experience

U.S. group CEO Wang Xing said: when the user opens the site, the consumer experience has begun. The online products are basically to attract consumers by the content of the page with pictures. Especially for the group to buy, only to gather a sufficient number of consumers, buy to achieve. Optimization and website, how can let users browse the page to view the content can produce the intention, and have the desire to buy, this is the content to the user experience. Now a large group purchase website to spend a lot of effort in the web page content, to publish elaborate illustrations, give users a pleasant experience.

merchants credit guarantee

when consumers enter the site to buy, the product is often concerned about the price, place of consumption and so on dominant factors, most of the time to provide services to the business itself is no concept. Business reputation, quality of service and other sites need to be checked, which is responsible for the user, which is directly related to the consumer experience after the completion of the transaction. From this point of view, the consumer is not satisfied with the service can be, whether the interests of protection, are dependent on the site to achieve. It is obvious that only the electricity supplier to the consumer experience enough attention, in order to protect the user scale and user activity.

users accumulate

after the completion of the transformation of consumption experience, an important role is the follow-up of the new and old customers and activity, in the electricity supplier performance is particularly evident, the majority of consumers have a pleasant shopping experience, will choose this business. In the network group purchase, there are about 70% of new users are introduced by the old user, user conversion and activity are basically from the user experience, is the basic guarantee of the number of users, user attention will have effect.

news, a few large group purchase websites have a plan before expanding the four line of the city market budget to fine service users, from the development of the electricity supplier, the user experience is a process of being gradually improved and refined, after fighting pre integration after the development of the electricity supplier will focus on the return to fine service users.

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