Beautiful orange teach you four strokes quickly learn to set domain name resolution

believe that a lot of people who apply for the domain name, often have such questions: why registered domain name, the purchase of space, the site is still not open it?

After the

domain name registration, only that you have the right to use the domain name, if not for the domain name, the domain name will not play a real role, after analysis of domain name can be used as electronic mailbox suffix, can also be used as a web site to access your site (such as blogs, Taobao shop and so on), essential link therefore put into use is "domain name domain name".

But many people on the

domain name is still deeply confused, so don’t ask how to quickly learn to do DNS? Professional beauty orange Internet domain name host for your weapon:

first, learn the four types of domain name resolution:

1) CNAME aliases: also known as host alias records that allow multiple names to be mapped to the same computer. Note: usually do not do the root domain CNAME point. Such as: is the domain name, is the two domain name, "WWW" is a sub domain name;

2) A record: is the IP record (that is, pointing to the IP address)

3) MX records: also known as e-mail records (used to do business e-mail point, the normal send and receive mail)

4) URL forwarding: jump to the target site. Such as URL to, when accessing the jump to the point of space URL is divided into implicit and implicit, get in front of the examples, do the implied URL forwarding, IE bar access is, do not imply URL forwarding, visit shows the (and the Ministry of information industry generally do not allow implicit URL, unless the relevant valid documents submitted for the record)

1 how to resolve the domain name to the virtual host space points to have two steps, the following two kinds of analytical solutions can be any one (with the domain name as an example)

assumes that the virtual host’s IP address: 202.75.223.*,

space by the three domain name is:

A program:

Step 1: select

CNAME alias settings, directly add "www" sub domain (which can add any sub domain name, such as BBS, SHOP etc.) to CName (alias pointing) to space free three level domain name: (special attention, not less at the end of the ‘.’),


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